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Luciana Mazzei (ルチアナ・マッツェイ) is a Witch of the 504th Joint Fighter Wing, originating from Romagna.


Luciana loved sewing and designing clothes since she was a child, and she was thinking of working into clothing in the future.

When her witch power awakened, she decided to work on making equipment and uniforms for the witches, and entered a military school. At first she was thinking of going to clothing department, but she was forcibly invited by Flying Officer Malvezzi who noticed her skill at shooting, and she transferred to combat department. After her assignment, she was assigned to a witch military unit.

After being assigned to the Ground Attack Witch Unit with Fernandia Malvezzi and Martina Crespi, she studied dive bombing tactics in Karlsland and then transferred to North Africa. As the only common sense person of the "Three Weirdos", she played a role in stopping Malvezzi and Crespi from running away.

Due to defeating a large type ground Neuroi, they were transferred to The Red Pants and received training in model conversion to an air combat striker unit. They were later assigned to the 504th Joint Fighter Wing. During battles, she is in charge of snipping from the rear and support.

In place of her bureaucracy-illiterate leader, she performs negotiations and writes reports for the brass, in effect taking up the post of adjutant for the team. In the 504th JFW, she was working on documents as Commander Doglio's right arm, who had not healed from her injuries.

In 1945, Luciana was in Venezia along with her partners. They met Charlotte E. Yeager and Francesca Lucchini. After a gondola race between Shirley and Luciana, a new type of Neuroi appears and the five girls cooperatively fought to shoot down the Neuroi and defend the city.


Quiet and reserved, Luciana has a gentle personality that lies at odds to her all-round athleticism, particularly her talent in marksmanship.

Despite being a common-sense person, she occasionally mumbles words silently containing unexpected and unusual things, which is one of the reasons that they were called “Three Weirdos”.


Her Solothurn S18 anti-armor rifle is made in Helvetia. Luciana uses it when lots of firepower is required. Otherwise she uses a Boys Anti-tank Rifle, a lighter anti-armor rifle.




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  • She is based on Italian pilot Pietro Mazzei. Pietro, together with the archetypes of Fernandia Malvezzi and Martina Crespi, were responsible for the sinking of the British light cruiser HMS Southampton; this is most certainly the inspiration for their respective witches being close friends.
  • When the peace return, she dreams of getting a job related to clothing. She wants to study fashion at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp. She is also interested in developing witch equipment at the Ministry of Military Clothing.
  • She yearns for Gallia, where fashion capital Paris is located.
  • Her specialties are steamed mussels and clams that her mother taught, spaghetti with squid ink, mixed grilled seafood, and gelato. Because her hometown was near Venice in Romagna, there are many dishes using seafood.