Lynette Bishop (リネット・ビショップ, Rinetto Bishoppu), sometimes "Lynne" to her squadmates, is a witch of the 501st Joint Fighter Wing, originating from Britannia and attached to the Britannia Air Force. She is the younger sister of Wilma Bishop, and the daughter of First Neuroi War veteran, Minnie Bishop.

Her familiar, like her older sister Wilma, is the Scottish Fold cat. However unlike Wilma, the characteristic folded ears are not present.


The fifteen year old Lynette is the only Witch in the 501st who is native to the Britannian Commonwealth, affiliated with the the Britannian Air Force 610th Fighter Squadron and holding the rank of Sergeant, later promoted to Flight Sergeant.

Lynette is the daughter of a wealthy, upper class merchant and Minnie Bishop, a veteran Witch of the First Neuroi War who fought in London. Before joining the military, she was enrolled at an all-girls school, meaning her contact with men was limited.

Her father went to college together with Flying Officer Schade's father, and they competed with each other in sports as well as academics. Patricia's family was friendly with the Bishops during her early years, though Lynette doesn't seem to remember this. Patricia's father sometimes tries to stir up a feeling of rivalry between the two families, but Patricia herself doesn't really seem to care.

When she joined up, after receive basic basic training, Lynette joined the Strike Witches shortly before Sergeant Miyafuji to help protect her homeland. Lynette is assigned to be Yoshika's roommate, and the two quickly become friends. Lynette shows Yoshika around the base, but in doing so shows herself to be withdrawn and lacking confidence. Faced with a surprise attack from the Neuroi, Yoshika helps Lynette overcome her fears, laying the foundation for a close friendship. After her first aerial victory, Lynette steadily begins to improve her skills, as well as her confidence.

At the end of the Britannian campaign, she worked to rebuild the ruined country of Gallia alongside Flying Officer Clostermann, returning to battle alongside the rest of the 501st in Romagna. Shortly thereafter, Major Sakamoto sends her, Yoshika, and Perrine to a remote island on the Adriatic Coast for some intensive training with Anna Ferrara, a retired Venezian Witch who makes a living training younger witches (as the three had been out of combat for six months). She teaches Lynette and the other Witches how to fly with brooms to allow them to better control their magic.


The middle child of eight siblings, Lynette was sometimes overlooked by her family, and developed very domestic and practical habits from helping to take care of her siblings. Because of this, she's very reserved and painfully shy. Plagued by occasional clumsiness, she nevertheless strives to do her best. She's a kind, gentle, and obedient girl who still seems a bit helpless at times and finds no joy in fighting, joining up recently to protect her homeland out of a desire to be of use to everyone. Despite her passive nature, she's strong-willed, obstinate and very reliable.

Apologizing seems to be a knee-jerk reflex to her. Also, every time the squadron chips in to help prepare for a difficult mission, her suggestion is tea, which she's very good at brewing. This also puts her in charge of tea time. She is also good at cooking, especially candies and sweets.

After she meets Sergeant Miyafuji, the two eventually become best friends. During the Gallia reconstruction, Lynette also becomes friends with Flying Officer Clostermann. Her dreams had initially been to become a good wife, however this has recently changed. Her feelings for her friend Yoshika, while starting out as merely platonic in nature, seems to have grown to something more romantic despite herself; when the 501st was graced with a visit by Adolfine Galland while still assigned to the Britannian base, the witch General approached her and asked if she would be interested in joining her unit, explaining the reason for doing so being a result of "love at first sight". Lynette however declined the offer meekly, almost admitting that she "had Yoshika", but stopping herself before completing her sentence and instead making the excuse that she wanted to do her best in the 501st.


Lynette serves as the squadron's sharpshooter, and possesses the ability to control the flight of projectiles to a limited extent. It would also appear she can charge magical energy into the shots to increase their effectiveness. These powers, known as Ballistic Stabilization (弾道安定, Dandō Antei) and Grant Magic Power (魔法力付与, Mahōryoku Fuyo) allow her to affect bullets and other objects thrown in flight. They are classified in the Telekinesis lineage.

According to some veterans, "She has the makings of a good Commander with her ability to keep an eye on a whole situation from the rear, and has a good sense of grasping the whole picture".

Ace Archetype

Her pilot archetype is unclear, but is likely one of the children of famed Canadian WWI pilot Billy Bishop, who is the pilot archetype for Minnie Bishop, Lynette's mother. Lynette also has an older sister, Wilma, likely based on Billy Bishop's son, Arthur. However, her striker unit code is based on 610th RAF member Ellis John, (Ranked as Flight Lieutenant) who had the code DW-N on his Spitfire Mk1a during Battle of Britain. Not only that, Jackie Mann shares the same birthday as Lynette, and was a pilot who served the Battle of Britain as well after joining the Royal Air Force. Mann and Lynette also joined the RAF voluntary. Jackie Mann also engaged in battle with Adolf Galland, which would explain the relation between the two. Others have speculated that Lynette is based on the Spitfire itself, due to not quite fitting with any archetype. This would also explain Galland's infatuation with her, as Adolf Galland famously adored the Spitfire, stating that he "should like an outfit of Spitfires for my squadron." to a superior on one occasion.


Lynette principally uses a Boys Anti-Armor Rifle Mk.I in combat, but switched the muzzle brake to one from a Mk.II, as it's easier to use.

Strike Witches “What If?” — 1947

Lynette What-if
Photoshoot just before retirement as Lieutenant. Highest rank is Flt Lieutenant. Although she received officer training as a result of recommendations, her calling was not in battle. After Romagna was freed, she continued exchanging letters with Miyafuji who was pursuing medical study in Fuso.
This shouldn't be considered entirely canonical, because it was only tweeted by Humikane.



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Light Novels

  • Strike Witches Otome no Maki
  • Strike Witches 2
  • Strike Witches Short-Shorts: After the Sky
    • Ichimen no Ao
  • Strike Witches 2 Visual Short Story
    • 500overs in Africa


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Lynette's Comments About Other Characters

Chara05 1 On Minna

"Wing commander Minna is refined and kind, and she's reliable so she works well as the cornerstone of the group. She's really a wonderful person. I look up to her and wish I could be more like her sometimes, because I myself can be quite clumsy."

14d1528b765811585ad16da16f4d04cd On Yoshika

"Yoshika...? I can't do anything right, but although Yoshika just recently came here, she cheered me up and also helped me with my first aerial victory! She's very honest and kind; I'm truly grateful!"

E14538eb81bf8236ee742a8aa76241ac On Mio

"Major Sakamoto is really strict when it comes to practicing! But she really thinks hard about how to make us new and inexperienced witches into full-fledged ones, so I will do my best! Although it sometimes feels like she's a bit impatient."

Chara07 1 On Perrine

"I wonder why Perrine is so hard on Yoshika? Isn't it strange? Well, it's true that Yoshika can be a little careless sometimes, and that Perrine might get annoyed by that, but... Hm? What I think? I don't really know..."

35e6a0bfafdefcbb99c934cfba34f23e On Lucchini

"Lucchini? Yes, she suddenly grabbed my breasts and started to rub her chin against them once... I wonder what that was all about...? Ah, and she likes to play pranks, but she's really a good girl."

C1be48c1f27bce67edbf28f2a92a719c On Shirley

"Shirley? Yes, it's like she's Lucchini's mother, isn't it? At first I thought she was a pretty scary person, but she's actually really kind! She's strong, confident and sociable. She's a like a sun!"

Chara06 1 On Barkhorn

"Flight Lieutenant Barkhorn is very strict on everyone, but she's the most strict on herself. She's very serious, and always pays a great deal of attention to her surroundings in combat so she's really great. But... she's a little scary too."

Chara04 1 On Erica

"Flying Officer Hartmann? She's like air... I don't really get her. She's amazing in combat, but otherwise she seems a little dreamy... Though I'm happy she'll happily eat anything I serve her."

Chara11 1 On Sanya

"It's thanks to Sanya we can sleep safely during the night. I'd really like to become friends with her, but I'm not really very good at getting to know people..."

Chara10 1 On Eila

"Eila sometimes does fortune-telling on me with her tarot cards but... does that stuff really turn out right? Everyone else says it always turns out the other way but..."


  • From Strike Witches x Alice Gear Aegis crossover event; Lynette's signature look.
  • From Strike Witches x Alice Gear Aegis crossover event; Lynette's casual look.


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