Marian E. Carl
Marian Carl



Date of Birth:

November 1st


Liberion Marine Corps
506th Joint Fighter Wing (B-unit)


Flight Lieutenant



Striker Unit model:

North Liberion XP-51G
F6F Hellcat


M1919A6, M3 Grease Gun


American Quarter Horse

Marian E. Carl (マリアン・E・カール?) is a Witch of the 506th Joint Fighter Wing, originating from Liberion.

She is based on Marion Eugene Carl.


She was born in a farm and she had troubles finishing her education. While Marian was having in depth studies in engineering and aviation mechanics her witch powers were discovered, she received training as a flying witch in the Navy training school. She demonstrated great talent for marksmanship in the training school. She excelled not just in aerial battle but also in attacking land targets.

When Marian became Pilot Officer she was accepted from the Marine Aviation Company candidates into the Marine Corps, and was sent to the Red Sea. She got plenty of battle experience in the Red Sea and Mediterranean Sea growing her kill count.

When she became Flight Lieutenant she was put in charge of the communications to Fuso, in a just established landing support unit. In Fuso she was assigned to Yokosuka where she developed a friendship with Flight Lieutenant Takei, who was put there for a similar duty. Under the name of testing machine parts people practiced there in mock battles while the authorized people of participants' units watched over them. They used many unusual techniques, which made the battles often end with narrow victories in melee combat.

The material that was filmed about those battles would later be made into a movie that would spread all over the world. These studies led to Fuso and Liberion armies putting strategies involving their aircraft carriers working together into practice, which led to the establishment of 508th JFW.

After that she was sent to Europe to support the landing operations taking place there, and for that she was assigned to the 506th JFW.

Marian looks most like a noble if she stays quiet, but she has a sharp tongue. She's usually sarcastic, but actually sentimental at heart. Her dream is to challenge the speed record, and for that she wishes to some day meet Flight Lieutenant Yeager of the 501st JFW to receive a lecture about increasing the speed of the machine.


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