• I live in United States
  • I was born on May 31
  • My occupation is Artist / Game Designer / Hobbyist
  • I am Male
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  • Sandboxes are personal spaces for users to write down their ideas as drafts, the same as blogs. I saw you removed the content from another user's sandbox, do NOT do that again.

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    • DerPresenz wrote:

      Jatts wrote: Okay, fair enough.

      Oh and also I'd appreciate you not calling me and my friends "idiots" please, and thank you. They care very much about this wiki and especially the fandom. I understand you may be frustrated with the drama lately (mostly caused by you know who) and I do apologize for my end of things, but don't make it worse by turning all of this onto me and making me into an enemy. I am not here to cause trouble and neither are my friends, we are here to keep the wiki updated and well maintained in a proper manner. Consider this my apology as well as my own warning as well.

      Twas mother's advice to use that sentence (she was behind me asking me for a recipe and read the whole conversation), she is an expert in behavioural sciences and other things related to the brain and the mind, and also a professional provocateur.

      I already told the person you're talking about NOT to touch the main content of the wiki; they can only touch their own sandbox, blog, and wall page, nothing else.

      I see, I understand then. Either way, sorry again for the trouble!

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