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Schmitt in Karlsland.

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Schmitt and Charlotte in Africa.

Michael Schmitt

Sergeant during the Battle of Karlsland, and later Captain in North Afrika.

Commanded first a Panzer II tank, then later a Panzer 38(t) during the Battle of Karlsland. While fighting against ground-based Neuroi, he first encountered Friederike Porsche, who at the time was a ground-attack witch flying a Stuka Striker.

Afterwards he became a technical officer and worked with Friederike Porsche in North Africa, where he helped develop the Tiger Ground-Striker.

His real age is unknown since he transformed from a young man in Karlsland to an old-looking person a few years later in North Africa.




  • Michael Schmitts specific role is Techniker, which means "technician" or "engineer". It's likely given his role and rank that he is the lead Tiger I engineer in service to Charlotte Luder's Tiger striker.
  • By the time he serves on the African front he introduced himself as a Hauptmann; hence it is likely he was promoted to an officers commission at some point.


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