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Miya Misumi (三隅美也) is a witch originating from Fuso and attached to the Fuso Imperial Navy.


Misumi is the only daughter of the wealthy owner of an emerging business created by her grandfather, who also became somewhat famous in his home town. Because she comes from a rural area, Misumi is often viewed as a "countryside wealthy lady"[1].

When her magical power manifested, her father hired a retired witch to be her home teacher, so that she could develop her magical power to full potential. As one of the best students at the Sasebo Military School, she was directly instructed by a Navy commander.

She was dispatched to Europe in 1945. While being guided by Vesna Mikovič, they encountered a long-range reconnaissance type Neuroi. They were able to shoot it down combining their strength. They later joined the newly reformed 507th Joint Fighter Wing in Suomus.


Misumi is somewhat haughty and has a lot of pride, but she admires authority and wants to become a good witch, so she also has a careful side.




Audio Media

  • Brave Witches audio drama CD