In the Strike Witches universe, the Neue Karlsland (ノイエ・カールスラント?, noie kaarusuranto) is the present homeland of the Karlsland nation. Territory-wise, it is analogous to Argentina.

When the original homeland fell to the Neuroi in 1940, the Operation Bifrost was implemented to systematically evacuate the population to the South Liberion continent. The resulting large-scale, hellish evacuation war sacrificed the defense forces from various places. However, thanks to this sacrifice, the political core and most of the industry was successfully moved to Neue Karlsland. Not only the imperial house, but countless citizens and engineers were evacuated to the new mainland.

There are two marked cities of note in Neue Karlsland, which are Neues Berlin and Judenberg.

However, Neue Karlsland's overall territory doesn't just occupy it's borders in the South Liberion Landmass, but also parts of Antarctica. And even more incredibly, those parts of Antarctica that Neue Karlsland does control; houses a secret Allied military research facility that tests experimental striker units and rocket technology, using scientists and scholars gathered from all across Europe to develop them.


  • Though originally colonized by the Spanish and Portuguese, places such as Argentina, Uruguay, Chile and southern Brazil were settled by a variety of people, including a substantial number of Germans.[1]
  • Although the name "Neue Karlsland" is established in various pieces of source material, it's actually a misnomer. In proper German, the term would be "Neukarlsland", similar to e.g. "Neukaledonien" or "Neuschwabenland".
  • Also of interesting note is in the Strike Witches Official Fan Book's world atlas the world map spells the country as Noue Karlsland; also likely a misnomer, though it's spelling takes origin from the French Noue in reference to a specific style of architecture.
  • The Strike Witches Official Fanbook II outlining Neues Berlin and Judenberg carry interesting world building implications and historical shout outs. Neues Berlin (New Berlin) likely serving as the capital of Neue Karlsland and in turn the temporary new capital of Karlsland's government in exile overall. But more interesting is the city of Judenberg; the Judenberg district was a district in the state of Styria in Austria, for which Ostmark in the SW verse serves as an analogous AU counterpart. Given that historical nod of implication: Judenberg could be pontificated as being primarily or largely populated by refugees from Ostmark.


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