Nikka Edvardine Katajainen is a witch of the 502nd Joint Fighter Wing, originating from Suomus. She is referred to as "Nipa" by her friends.


Nikka is affiliated with No.24 Squadron, an elite unit of the Suomus Air Force. As Eila Ilmatar Juutilainen is also a member of this squadron, the two are fellow squadron members.

Going by the numbers, she is an excellent ace, but due to the number of times she has lost Striker Units, no matter whether it was due to being shot at, crashing in flight, encountering engine trouble, or other unforeseeable accidents, she is also called "Jinxed" Katajainen by those around her. However, she has never gotten any teammates involved in her accidents, and has never suffered any lethal wounds despite all of this. She is also called "Crasher O'Hare the Second", as both of them are infamous for Striker Units accidents.

With the number of irreplaceable strikers she destroyed, and her not showing any signs of remorse, she was pulled from front-line duty for a time, and put to work cleaning the hangar, serving coffee and other minor tasks.


Nikka is something of a tomboy, bearing a boyish appearance and often unladylike manner. She was once something of a delinquent, which has since eased somewhat with the influence of her close friends such as Eila and Hanna Wind. She possesses a very exacting personality which usually splits any situation into right or wrong. While not stupid, she is relatively guileless and often distracted, making her a popular subject for Eila's pranks.

Under the 502nd, she has found a similar foil/best friend in Aleksandra I. Pokryshkin, whos fussiness and nagging (a talented mechanic, its often Aleksandra working on Nikka's broken units) tends to keep Nikka's carelessness in check.


She possesses a special magical aptitude for hyper-regeneration, and by synergizing with her familiar's healing magic, she can heal most injuries nearly immediately. This ability may be responsible for her carelessness in flight and combat.

Ace Archetype

Nikka is based on the Finnish flying ace Nils Katajainen. Like Nikka, Nils had a reputation for frequently crashing his craft, often surviving with only minor injuries. Her nickname, "Nipa", was also Nils' nickname during the war.


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