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The Empire of Orussia (オラーシャ帝国 ?) is a country in Eastern Europe in the Strike Witches universe. It is based on Russian Empire/Soviet Union. However, the Bolshevik Revolution never took place in Strike Witches Universe, so it remains as an empire. A Neuroi hive has appeared about where Moscow is located in real life. As a result, the West area of the Ural River is occupied by the Neuroi. Currently, Orussia is the main force participating in the Eastern Front while being supported by Fuso Empire.

Their nation's insignia appears to be the Red Star similar to the Soviet/Russian Air Force.

Orussia is noted as a nation as being a superstitious place, local and national superstitions are likely rather common among a considerable number of it's population, likely due to being tied into a strong cultural superstitions of Slavic culture. Also their appears to be a religious belief system in the nation given the presence of a church in Petersburg; so it's can be assumed that their is a religious presence in the nation of some kind, wither this religion is anything similar or akin to Russian Christian Orthodoxy is uncertain and unclear; but the presence of the church is at least indicative of some sort of religious theology. The view and outlook of witches by the Orussian populous, while not easy to discern; is possible to be a mix of acceptance but still probably laced with some degree of superstition; especially with the awakening of a witches magical power being met with some degree of initial shock.

Orussian Witches

  1. Alya Alelyuhin (505th)
  2. Jina Bayevskaya
  3. Chkalova
  4. Leila Galchenko
  5. Valeriya S. Grizodubova
  6. Galina Kostilev (503rd)
  7. Sanya V. Litvyak (Army - 501st)
  8. Aleksandra I. Pokryshkin (Army - 502nd)
  9. Marisha Raskova
  10. Bronislava Safonov (Navy - 503rd)
  11. Leila L. Shestakov
  12. Alyona Shlopov
  13. Antonina D. Yakimenko