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Reine Fonck is a witch originating from Gallia. She is Gallia's number one ace from the previous great war.


She is the author of a book on air combat, and has influenced Captain Pokryshkin of the Orussia Army.


She liked the concept of the D.500 from Doboain and ordered a prototype of the striker unit. A D.503 unit was completed as a prototype and dedicated machine. The development was suspended due to stability and speed issues, but the D.520 was later completed by incorporating Miyafuji's theory.

A VG.39bis used during the Gallia Liberation Ceremony was painted with the same coloring as Reine Fonck's unit of the previous great war. The user is unknown. Some believe that it was used by Reine Fonck herself, but this is hard to believe.



Strike Witches II A complete record of 501st Joint Fighter Wing 2.