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The Duchy of Romagna (ロマーニャ公国 ?) is a country in southern Europe in the Strike Witches universe. It occupies the southern half of the Italian peninsula, the island of Sardinia and presumably the islands of Sicily. It is the setting for Strike Witches Season 2.

Romagna is a traditional civilized country that inherited the culture of the Roman Empire of Classical antiquity.

Their nation's insignia seems to be a green, white, and red flag with the white portion making a cross shape, like a combination of the Italian flag and the Savoy emblem.

Romagna, alongside Venezia, is in charge of the logistics of the African Fronts supply routes, making their cooperation invaluable to the efforts of the Africa Corps.


  • 504th JFW is stationed in Arbus, Sardinia and protects the north of Romagna
  • After it's reestablishment and being stationed in Pescara, the 501st JFW have become a symbol of the liberation of Europe by late 1944 and 1945, both in general and to Romagna itself.
  • Despite of the name, it doesn't include the Romagna territory, which falls under Venezia's control.
  • The Naval flag is the same as the historical Kingdom of Italy, as showed in the second episode of season 2.

Romagnan Witches

  1. Adriana Visconti (506th A-unit)
  2. Aurora Sanson
  3. Carla Ruspoli
  4. De la Penne (Navy)
  5. Enrica Tarantola
  6. Federica N. Doglio (504th)
  7. Fernandia Malvezzi (504th)
  8. Francesca Lucchini (501st)
  9. Giovanna Bonet
  10. Giuseppina Cenni (507th)
  11. Luciana Mazzei (504th)
  12. Luisa Torchio
  13. Martina Crespi (504th)
  14. Sylvie Cariello (Music Squadron)
  15. Teresa Martinoli
  16. Una Drago