Rosalie de Hemricourt de Grunne (ロザリー・ド・エムリコート・ド・グリュンネ) is a veteran Witch and honorary commander of the 506th Joint Fighter Wing's A-Unit, originating from Belgica and originally attached to the Britannian Air Force.


Rosalie was born in Belgica and she is the heiress for two families of earls, one Gallian and one Belgican. She's also in line for the Britannian crown, although that relation is quite distant. She fled the country with her family to Britannia when Belgica was devastated by Neuroi.

She has had a long and valiant military service since she fought in the Hispanian military campaign. She has a lot of experience and she has received regular training for a military officer.

When she was Flight Lieutenant she got injured in a battle in Britannia, while she was under medical care she got promoted as the commanding officer of 506th JFW. But since she was getting close to 20 and retirement, she thought it would be too difficult and she declined. But since people convinced her that there is no other person of such talent for the job, she was promoted to Squadron Leader and she accepted the position of honorary commanding officer.

She doesn't command the battles due to her age. So the battles are mostly commanded by Squadron Leader Wittgenstein, but because Flight Lieutenant Visconti has similar personality as Wittgenstein, their subordinates have to go through many hardships.


She is mild-mannered and gentle. She has a sweet and kind heart and a soft, lady-like manners. She gives the feeling of an antiquated "Aristocrat Soldier" that has nothing but good will for other people. In the first impression, she looks like a princess from fairy-tales, or rather the tender mother of that princess. She is also very scrupulous when it comes to tidiness.




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  • Her familiar is the Bichon Frise.
  • She is based on Rodolphe de Hemricourt de Grunne, the #1 rank Belgian flying ace who died in 1941.
    • In her initial reveal, she was classified and established as Belgican to match this, and her nation flag presented as the Flag of Belgica. In 2015, this fact was affirmed in the 2015 Official World Witches profiles, although of curious note is that her nation flag was shown as being the Britannian Flag. It's uncertain why the Britannian flag is shown instead of the Belgican flag as her nation of origin. Speculation arose suggesting that it's possible a reference to her present affiliations to Britannia and it's military post fall of Belgica, or possibly nothing more than an illustration error; but at this time is currently conjecture in either case.
    • The 2018 release of the Official World Witches Profile 2 book has shown another confusion of continuity for Rosalie with her 2018 profile showing her nation flag as being the Gallian flag. This further discrepancy raises confusion due to lack of corroborating, official information of any kind of possible retcon of Rosalie as being Gallian instead of Belgican, and how such a discrepancy raises plot holes and continuity errors and muddles the inspiration of her WW2 Belgium ace archetype considering she was long and clearly established as being a Belgican witch. Some theories have been raised that this may be due to wanting a Gallian in the 506th, as it is based in Gallia, though that is merely unsupported speculation.
    • Another speculated theory to the 2018 witches profile continuity discrepancy: is Rosalie may have a Belgican/Gallian dual citizen, which while possible; is unsupported and lacking any firm evidence. More likely possibility for the stated discrepancies in the 2018 witch profile for Rosalie is some kind of illustration and/or continuity error, especially in light of how there has yet to be any concise information about wither she is in fact Gallian in the 2018 profile and how prior profiles were very clear on her nation of origin being Belgican; although the note of her duel parentage of Belgican and Gallian aristocracy is consistent across all versions of her witches profile.


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