Rules and Guidelines

Hi! Welcome to the World Witches Series Wiki, a Fandom community dedicated to storing and organizing information about the World Witches Series. This page is here to help people who are unsure how they can help expand this Wiki.

Guidelines to Contribute

General Editing Guidelines

Feel free to contribute to the wiki, just remember the following:

  • Blatant advertising isn't allowed. If there are any questions about content, please ask the admins.
  • Don't forget to add appropriate categories to any page you might be creating.
  • Always use appropriate Infobox templates when creating pages:
  • Please use standard International English with proper grammar.
    • Foreign terms must follow the grammar of the language they are from.
  • Be respectful to other Wikia users.
  • Content on the wiki should be free of bias so that the readers, not the editors, can decide whether something is good, bad, or neither.

Sources of information

Unlike Wikipedia, we do not normally enforce citing sources, no original research, or require strict Neutral Point of View.

This means:

  • Information may be added without citing a source or external reference, although for more interesting items we recommend including a link if one exists.

Contributing To Articles

You can contribute to any article by clicking the "Edit" button next to the article's name. Once you do that, you will be brought to an edit page where you can add or remove information accordingly. Classic Editor is recommended instead of Visual Editor to avoid breaking templates.

WARNING: Do not add false or inappropriate things, or remove any valid information that already existed before. This will be considered an act of vandalism.

Creating Articles

Know something about the WWS that is not on this wiki? It's easy to create a page with that information!

But before creating a page, make sure that you want to add something that this wiki would benefit from, and that meets the current guidelines.

To create a page, click the drop-down "contribute" button to the top-right of the page and select "add a page". After doing this, a box will appear asking you to add a title and choose a format. Make sure the title is exactly what you want it to be as this will appear as the page name and it is case sensitive! For the format, normally, you should choose blank, as this wiki has our its own formatting that we use for most types of pages. A useful way to learn how to build an article is to refer to another article in the same category, copy its formatting and then edit the relevant parts. Be careful not to break the formatting of the reference article though!

Adding/Uploading Pictures

Adding a picture

To add a picture to an article, press the "Add a Picture" button on the bar at the top or the "Add Features" and "Media Box" while in edit mode. You can also press the "Add Photo" button at the bottom of a gallery.

Notes on Uploading/Adding Pictures

  • When uploading a picture, please make sure it is appropriately named according to what it is a picture of. Do not enter a randomized name.
    • If you upload an image, or any file for that matter, please give it a somewhat descriptive filename. Like what the picture shows or who is in it. Pixiv IDs, Twitpic IDs or various different checksums aren't helpful to find a picture a while after uploading. You can use the comments to document the origin of the file.
    • The image file name should be as descriptive as possible. Do not write a random name such as photo3060.jpg or 2016-06-17.png.
    • Once uploaded, you cannot rename the file, so it must be renamed BEFORE uploading it.
  • Please only upload pictures that will be used in articles where appropriate. Inappropriately named or unused images can and will be either renamed or deleted without warning.
  • Please use the appropriate copyright tag when uploading files. It can be done by selecting an option in the Licensing section. If you don't know what type of license to use, select FAIR USE.
    • DO NOT select None selected.
  • When replacing images, if they are completely different (i.e. new outfit, new appearance), do not replace old image with new one, upload new file instead. If they are the same, but better resolution you may replace same file.
  • NSFW images should not be included on the wiki, even those from the show. Since the Strike Witches series is more or less a fan service series, for the purposes of the wiki NSFW basically refers to any examples of full, uncensored nudity.
  • Also, NO FANART!
  • Images not associated with a specific page should not be included in the wiki. take it to an imageboard.

Adding Articles to a Category

Categories are important to the wiki by making it easy to navigate around. To add an article to a category, simply head to the Categories bar at the bottom of a page, and add in the category it belongs to. You can find a list of categories here: Special:Categories

Note: When adding a category make sure you type it exactly the same as the category name. Remember, it is case sensitive!

Editing Templates

This is for people who know how to code templates. To create a template, just make a page named Template:<template name>. If you make a template for public use, please document it and ask for approval before posting. Before editing any existing templates, please ask an admin.

  1. Template Posting Rules:
    • If you want to post it on an article page, you need to get permission from an Admin by asking them to review your template. Any template that is under review (assessment session) or has not been reviewed is not allowed to be posted on article pages.
      All approved templates will be indicated by the lock appended to a template page since we have a policy that once an article template is approved, only admins may edit them.
    • When you want to post it on a private section, such as a blog post or profile page, feel free to post on your own discretion.

Formatting Articles

You can format articles with templates, headings and subheadings. You can add headings and subheadings while in edit mode like this:

==Level 2 Headings==
===Level 3 Headings===
====Level 4 Headings====
=====Level 5 Headings=====
======Level 6 Headings======

Note: Level 1 Heading is used in pages as the page title, so it is not included here.

As for adding a template, please contact the Admins for some consulting first, especially since your template will affect this wiki globally. This also applies to the reformatting of a page.

Official Formats

  • Dating Format
    • Infoboxes use the Japanese standard: Year/Month/Day for birthdays.
    • Articles use the international standard: Day-Month-Year
  • Naming
    • Pages Names:
    • When creating new pages for witches DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES include random letters for things like middle names in the actual page title. Nobody cares about this letter and if they do, it is easily found on the profile of the Witch in at least two different places. Moreover, redirects are not a way to circumvent any of these!
  • System of measurement
    • The International System of Units is used in this wiki.
    • British RAF ranks are used in the wiki for the witches. (see here)

Tidying Up Articles

You can do this by making sure every sentence makes sense, has proper grammar, and is where it is supposed to be. Make sure everything is linked and everything is spelled right. We prefer to use the past tense for the episode summaries while we prefer to use the present tense for describing things and/or characters.


DO NOT post information unrelated to the World Witches series.

What to include

This wiki should only include "official" items. This is more complex than it seems, due to the fact there are several generations of canon, retcons, and additional detail. Regarding the source of information, anything included in official materials or the Firstspear doujins is OK to use. As for images, anything taken from an official item or the Firstspear doujins is okay to include. It should also be noted that anything published, tweeted or uploaded by Humikane Shimada (the creator of the World Witches series) is quite all right to upload. However, the information or images may not be truly "official", though a large part of the wiki is still using this information, and is still under translation.

What not to include

Fan fiction is not allowed anywhere on the wiki. The user blogs are not to be used for this purpose, because they show up in the public space of the wiki, (specifically the drop-down menu). This wiki is a reference tool for the World Witches serues fan community, not a community unto itself, and there are plenty of other places to post that sort of stuff that are not here.

Is it canon?

The first one should be fairly self-explanatory, considering the many, many retcons that happened since the very beginning. However, considering that these are the only sources for some of the characters, they are still viable to be included. It still should be noted on the page that the information given is not part of the current generation of canon.

Some of Humikane's tweets are by, his own accord, not to be taken as hard facts, and anything that revolves around the main canon should still be marked as questionable.

According to Suzuki, information contained in the fan books is not to be considered face fact either. For instance, it was stated that the time line published in the first fan book is not binding, and subject to change. This should not prove to be much of a problem since most of the information there can verified with other sources.

Then there are the Firstspear doujins and novels. Since they are some sort of testing ground for new ideas, but still have direct involvement of Suzuki and Humikane, and some were later released in official compilations, information given there should be considered canon, unless specifically overwritten by a more official source. Exception being the Samurai Witch doujin due to obvious reasons.

User pages

User pages are probably the most versatile things on wiki, and they may be used for pretty much anything the users want as long as it is not something that could get the wiki shutdown (nsfw is not permitted there, either). User pages are used to test ideas prior to their being implemented on the wiki proper. As an example, these rules are being introduced on a user page rather, than the wiki proper, because they are not ready for that yet.


This wiki does not do redirects unless there is a very good reason for them.
This includes often-used nicknames for popular characters. Just first or last names should not warrant a redirect and would get confusing once multiple persons with the same name pop up.

Copyright information

All content used in the wiki should be open source, off copyright or fair use. it is up to the uploader to ensure this happens.

Discussions Guidelines

1. Be nice and treat people with respect. Keep discussions civil and be open-minded about differing opinions. When disputes arise, editors should attempt to find consensus and to resolve the problem cooperatively. Editors should not insult each other or call each other names.

2. Threads and posts that solicit upvotes will be deleted.

3. Be sure to properly tag your posts

  • General: anything that doesn't fall in any of the other categories
  • Management: For suggestions or requests about the wiki, examples include: a better article structure, infoboxes in general, categories, deletion of articles...
  • Staff Board: For internal affairs.
  • Moderation: For reporting vandals, trolls, spammers...
  • Requests/Suggestions: For requests or suggestions related to the World Witches series
  • Discussions: For discussions about the World Witches series

4. Off-topic conversations will be deleted.

5. Impersonation of other users or famous people will not be tolerated. If you have been banned and return on a new account, your posts will be deleted and your new account(s) will be banned.

6. Spamming, trolling, or vandalizing of any kind will be deleted and will lead to your account being banned.

7. Ask for help. Notice something that doesn't seem right? Or do you just have a question? Contact Fandom staff through "Give feedback" on your app's Settings screen, or via contact.

Administration Guidelines

1. Follow the guidelines, and rules from this wiki, and FANDOM in general.

2. Do NOT abuse your privileges.

3. Do NOT unlock without permission pages that have been locked by bureaucrats or administrators, they have been locked for reason, they cannot and must not be unlocked without a Bureaucrat's consent.

4. TBD

5. TBD

Community content is available under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted.