The Bridge to Tomorrow
Eyecatch of Season 2 Episode 9

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Asu ni Kakeru Hashi (明日に架ける橋?)


Strike Witches Season 2

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September 2, 2010

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Perfectly Lethal

Perfectly Cute

Perrine takes a little time off to help rebuild a town in Gallia. Though elated at the rapid progress, she is alarmed because some of the children are unable to attend school due to the fact that the town bridge was recently converted into a set of opposite facing piers during the Neuroi occupation. This bothers her, so later, when a Neuroi takes a potshot at Lynne and accidentally shaves the top off a large cantilever rail bridge, Perrine gets a little upset, and makes the neuroi into shiny hex confetti. Despite the victory and attention from the Major she is still bothered about the Gallian Bridge.

She considers selling her precious heirloom rapier to pay for a replacement. She is interrupted by Miyafuji, who informs her that the witches are headed to the beach the next day. After the mandatory fanservice stills and drowning lessons, Lucchini finds a treasure chest. Lynne, Francesca, Perrine and Yoshika attempt to break the chains. After the other three witches tap out due to various weak excuses such as "severe lack of Oxygen" and "Imminent Suffocation" it finally occurs to Perrine to use Magic. So she sprouts the ears and tail of a Chartreaux, and engages in a little bit of underwater arc welding, shattering the chains. She then returns to the shore in the guise of Cthulhu, heaves the chest onto the beach, and passes out (in the fainting sense, not the fall asleep quickly sense).

As she sleeps, Francesca picks the lock. As Perrine is about to admonish her for breaking the sacred rule of "Dibs", the chest opens to reveal..another chest. This continues for several chests, until they have one the size of a jewelry box. though at first it appears to be empty, it reveals a treasure map. in their excitement to find some awesome loot, they sort of forget to tell anyone where they are going. they go into an underwater cave, and follow the map through various obstacles such as a viper pit full of pit vipers.

Eventually Shirley notices Francesca is gone, the older set eventually decide to follow them. They get to the cave, proptly go the wrong way, involving a trap with a giant vase is placed on top, which Erica activated by accident. As the mechanism of the trap was in action, Mio takes Minna's the giant vase that was about to hit hit her. Thinking that Mio's blood splattered as she was hit with a 1-ton vase, it was actually full of wine, which got Mio drunk and kisses Minna on the lips, and runs off screaming like a banshee. Minna, overwhelmed by this, does the respectable thing and faints.



Perfectly metal.

Perrine gets into a boss fight with a Stone Golem, and stabs it in the chest and zaps it with Tonnere. It was very effective and destroyed the Golem into pieces. Then, a door opens and Perrine finds the treasure, a garden of once-rare herbs. She begins to sob at the fact that she cannot use the treasure to finance the bridge, when she is consoled by Sakmamoto, who inexplicably found her way into the garden earlier (hey, these things happen) and found herself lying on the soil bed. Mio says some words of consolation, then hiccups (more or so on hiccups).

Later that day (as Eila and Sanya also had sunburn for bathing in the sun while the others were at a Moe-Yuri version of Indiana Jones), Perrine is sitting with Lynne and Yoshika when she receives a letter with a photo showing the newly constructed (wooden) bridge to fix the broken span. She breathes a sigh of relief, and Yoshika and Lynne agree to spend the time immediately after the war kicking around Gallia, building bridges and other metaphorically significant infrastructure.

In another room, Mio wonders aloud where Minna is. Turns out she's sitting alone on the beach (Eilanya style) questioning her sexuality (probably both).

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Forth Rail Bridge -- The Forth Bridge is a cantilever railway bridge over the Firth of Forth in the east of Scotland, to the east of the Forth Road Bridge, and 14 kilometres (9 mi) west of central Edinburgh. It is often called the Forth Rail Bridge or Forth Railway Bridge to distinguish it from the Forth Road Bridge. It was opened on 4 March 1890. The bridge connects Scotland's capital city, Edinburgh, with Fife, leaving the Lothians at Dalmeny and arriving in Fife at North Queensferry; it acts as a major artery connecting the north-east and south-east of the country. Described in the Collins Encyclopaedia of Scotland as "the one immediately and internationally recognised Scottish landmark", it may be nominated by the British government to be added to the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Scotland. The bridge and its associated railway infrastructure is owned by Network Rail Infrastructure Limited. It is currently the longest cantilever bridge in the world for rail transport (second longest cantilever bridge in the world after the Quebec Bridge).

Forth Rail Bridge

Lockheed U-2/TR-1 -- The Lockheed U-2, nicknamed "Dragon Lady", is a single-engine, very high-altitude reconnaissance aircraft operated by the United States Air Force and previously flown by the Central Intelligence Agency. It provides day and night, very high-altitude (70,000 feet / 21,000 meters), all-weather surveillance. The aircraft is also used for electronic sensor research and development, satellite calibration, and satellite data validation. The U-2R, first flown in 1967, is significantly larger and more capable than the original aircraft. A tactical reconnaissance version, the TR-1A, first flew in August 1981. A distinguishing feature of these aircraft is the addition of a large instrumentation "superpod" under each wing. Designed for standoff tactical reconnaissance in Europe, the TR-1A was structurally identical to the U-2R. The 17th Reconnaissance Wing, Royal Air Force Station Alconbury, England used operational TR-1As from 1983 until 1991. The last U-2 and TR-1 aircraft were delivered to the Air Force in October 1989. In 1992 all TR-1s and U-2s (all U-2Rs) were designated U-2Rs. The two-seat trainer variant of the TR-1, the TR-1B, was redesignated as the TU-2R. After upgrading with the F-118-101 engine, the former U-2Rs were designated the U-2S Senior Year.

Neuroi TR-1

Puzzle Box -- A puzzle box (also called a secret, or trick box) is a box that can only be opened through some obscure or complicated series of manipulations. Some puzzle boxes may require only a simple squeeze in the right spot, whereas others may require the subtle movement of several small parts, to open the box. Some puzzle boxes are comparable to burr puzzles. The puzzle box originated in the Hakone region of Japan at the turn of the 19th century as the Himitsu-Bako, or Personal Secret Box. If opened, a puzzle box usually contains a sort of good luck charm. These boxes were made in various complexities, and consist of moves with a variety of twists to trick the person trying to open the box, but the real trick is finding the correct series of movements that can range from two to 300+ moves.
Puzzle Box

Puzzle box

The Blue Grotto -- The Blue Grotto (Grotta Azzurra) is a noted sea cave on the coast of the island of Capri, Italy. Sunlight, passing through an underwater cavity and shining through the seawater, creates a blue reflection that illuminates the cavern. The Blue Grotto is one of several sea caves, worldwide, that is flooded with a brilliant blue or emerald light. The quality and nature of the color in each cave is determined by the unique lighting conditions in that particular cave.

Blue Grotto

Buddha of Kamakura -- The Great Buddha of Kamakura is a monumental outdoor bronze statue of Amitābha Buddha located at the Kōtoku-in Temple in Kamakura, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan. The bronze statue probably dates from 1252, in the Kamakura period, according to temple records. It was preceded by a giant wooden Buddha, which was completed in 1243 "after five years of continuous labor", the funds having been raised by Lady Inadano-Tsubone and the Buddhist priest Joukou of Toutoumi. That wooden statue was damaged by a storm in 1248, and the hall containing it was destroyed, so Joukou suggested making another statue of bronze, and the huge amount of money necessary for this and for a new hall was raised for the project. The sculptors were Ono Goroemaon and Tanji Hisatomo. At one time, the statue was gilded. There are still traces of gold leaf near the statue's ears. The hall was destroyed by a storm in 1334, was rebuilt, and was damaged by yet another storm in 1369, and was rebuilt yet again. It is unclear, however, whether the statue constructed in 1252 is the same statue as the present statue. The building housing the statue was washed away in the tsunami of September 20th, 1498 during the Muromachi period. The statue is approximately 13.35 meters tall and weighs approximately 93 tons. The statue is hollow, and visitors can view the interior.

Buddha of Kamakura

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