Shindou Mie (新藤美枝) is a Witch of the 508th Joint Fighter Wing, originating from Fuso and attached with the Fuso Imperial Navy. She has been active since prior to the outbreak of the war and is known for a great commander.


A great veteran that has been participating in the war ever since the Fuso Sea Incident, Mie was a corps commander in the occasion when the Type 0 decorated its first battle and glorious military gains were achieved thanks to her excellent leadership. Even in the European Dispatch Fleet Mobile Troops, she served as the aircraft carrier Akagi's Witch-team's leader and also assumed the office of commander of Libau's flying corps for a time, issuing orders back and forth as the commander of the aircraft carrier and ground forces.

Mie is the type that sends precise instructions from the sky rather than participating in the battle herself. She is always able to carry out an efficient battle even if the unit under her command is made of just a few Witches. Also thanks to the power of her inherent magic, she can make her subordinates sortie from an aircraft carrier and then reliably bring them back even from a place above the ocean with no landmarks.

Her own abilities in air battles are extremely high and she can easily handle acrobatic flights that draw out the Type 0 maneuverability to her heart's content. Because she thoroughly knows the Type 0 and is plenty aware of the limits of its performance, when there was a notification from Liberion's side of inadequate performance in the Type 0 to carry out joint operations, she immediately faced down the domestic objections and selected to employ the Shiden.


Her inherent magic is the same Three Dimensional Space Understanding Ability (三次元空間把握能力 lit. sanjigen kuukan haaku nouryoku) as Wing Commander Wilcke.





  • She is based on Shindou Saburou (進藤三郎).
  • Shindou Mie is one of the few witches to appear in the anime without an existing World Witches Files Issue.


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