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The following is a transcript of the opening and ending skits from the radio show. For Newer skits please visit here .

Episode 01


Eila: Sanya, did you hear?

Sanya: What is it, Eila?

Eila: The radio we did before was a big hit, so now we've become an official show.

Sanya: Uhh...

Eila: Huh? Why did you get quiet? Did I say something wrong?

Sanya:: Mm... Eila, you idiot.

Eila: Ehh!? Why? Um, well, I probably am an idiot I guess, but why are you mad at me?

Sanya: I wonder.

Eila: Sanya, cheer up... Last time was a lot of fun, and everyone had a good time. Plus...

Sanya: Plus?

Eila: The radio is broadcast from Fuso, but the signal might even make it to Suomos or Orussia! So, your parents might be able to hear it somehow!

Sanya: Is that really true?

Eila: Yeah. I was told that by an Eila... I mean eminent person from the radio station. So, let's do it together!

Sanya: You won't say embarrassing things like last time?

Eila: Embarrassing things? ...Did I really say something like that?

Sanya: Oh... idiot.

Eila: Ah... I was called an idiot again...

Sanya: *laugh* It's okay. Let's do it.

Eila: Wow, I'm so happy! You're going to do it for me!

Sanya: But... why us?

Eila: Well, I heard that Yoshika and Lynne are busy with another radio program.

Sanya: Is that so.

Eila: But sooner or later everyone will probably come visit with us!

Sanya: Yeah, you're right.

Eila: All right then, we're starting recording now.

Sanya: Now!?

Eila: Yeah. Everything is setup. So, START!

Sanya: Ehh!?


Eila: Ah, it's over, it's over.

Sanya: Yeah...

Eila: Somehow I'm really worn out...

Sanya: Is this radio show only for today?

Eila: No, it's every week from now on.

Sanya: Every week!? So, there will be a lot of episodes from now on...

Eila: Yeah, that's right.

Sanya: Then we have to get back to the base quick!

Eila: Why's that?

Sanya: Well, we have to prepare for the next episode... Today you told me about it so suddenly, this performance was really tough.

Eila: Oh Sanya, you're such a worrier...

Sanya: You're too relaxed, Eila. Preparations are very important. Next time we don't know what might happen.

Eila: Well then, shall I take a reading with tarot? *draw card* ... Eh?

Sanya: What's wrong?

Eila: It's the Emperor in the correct position . Look, this means stability, fulfillment, and achievement. It'll definitely go well!

Sanya: ...Really?

Eila: Really, really!

Sanya: So... what is that card over there?

Eila: *gulp*

Sanya: Show it to me. ... This is the hanged man, isn't it. If it were in the reverse position, it stands for wasted efforts and incompleteness, doesn't it?

Eila: Ahh... it's all right! It's in the correct position after all.

Sanya: But that means "perseverance" and "endurance"! Like I thought, I have to go prepare!

Eila: Ahh! Sanya, wait!

Episode 02


Sanya: Eila, are you prepared?

Eila: Uh, yeah.

Sanya: Last time was so sudden, I wasn't able to prepare at all.

Eila: Well, actually...

Sanya: What's wrong?

Eila: This time I wasn't able to prepare in time either...

Sanya: Eh!? Even though you just said you prepared?

Eila: Ah, sorry!

Sanya: Oh...! I-Idiot.

Eila: I said I was sorry!

Sanya: Ah. Well, I thought this might happen, so I had Yoshika-chan and Lynne-san help me.

Eila: Eh, could it be you weren't counting on me from the beginning...

Sanya: *nervous laugh* Um, it's not like that. It's just that I wanted to prepare for whatever might happen, so I formed a counter-plan. That's what we were taught in officer training.

Eila: Ah... You're really amazing, Sanya!

Sanya: You learned it too, didn't you Eila?

Eila: Um, well... actually, I didn't...

Sanya: Oh... Eila, gee whiz...


Sanya: Come on, let's do today's recording.

Eila: Yeah!


Eila: Ahhh... somehow we made it through.

Sanya: Yeah... But next time, we have to prepare even more, and do even more fun things!

Eila: Ah, Sanya, could it be you're really excited about this?

Sanya: Of course. After all, Mom and Dad might be listening, and a lot of other people are listening too. As members of the glorious 501 Joint Strike Wing, we can't embarrass ourselves.

Eila: Is that so...

Sanya: Yes. When we get back, we need special training. First is learning the tarot.

Eila: Ehh?? Is there really a point to special training?

Sanya: When it comes to training, don't worry about whether it has a point, the important thing is spirit!


Eila: O-Oh... Somehow Sanya's character is changing... Ah... Sanya, wait, wait!

Sanya: MU RI DA NA

Eila: That's my line!!

Episode 03


Sanya: Eila, are you ready?

Eila: Y-Yeah. You're pretty fired up, aren't you.

Sanya: Yeah. The last broadcast was heard by people a long way away, and I want to make sure Mom and Dad at home can hear.

Eila: I got a letter from Nipa calling me an idiot.

Sanya: Huh? So they even heard it in Suomos?

Eila: Yeah, but... you don't care about what she said?

Sanya: Eh? Did you say something?

Eila: Ah, it was nothing. C'mon, let's start today's broadcast.

Sanya: Yeah, let's start.


Eila: Looks like we made it through again somehow.

Sanya: Eila, we have to do better.

Eila: Eh? But I worked really hard this time.

Sanya: Really hard isn't enough. We're here representing all of the Strike Witches, after all.

Eila: Ah, this is a pain.

Sanya: That's why today after we get back, we need more special training. This time you need to do tarot fortune telling underwater.

Eila: What are you talking about!

Sanya: I had a base mechanic make me some metallic tarot cards. Each one weighs one kilogram.

Eila: I won't even be able to turn them over!

Sanya: C'mon, we have to hurry back and get to training.


Eila: Ah... I wonder if somehow I flipped some kind of weird switch in Sanya's head.

Episode 04


Eila: Hey, Sanya... give me a break with the special training. I prepared this time, after all.

Sanya: Oh? Is that so?

Eila: Yeah! Next week is Yoshika's friend Micchan's birthday.

Sanya: Oh? Next month is Barkhorn's little sister Chris's, Shirley's and Perrine's birthday.

Eila: Sanya... aren't you forgetting someone?

Sanya: Of course I remember.

Eila: Like I thought!

Sanya: Heidemarie and Takei's birthdays, right?

Eila: Sanya...!

Sanya: *laugh* The 21st is your birthday. I really do remember.

Eila: Thank goodness!

Sanya: Let's celebrate when it gets here. So, what did you do to prepare?

Eila: Like I said, I checked out who was having a birthday.

Sanya: If you only did that... you have a long way to go.

Eila: *shock*

Sanya: C'mon, let's do today's recording.


Eila: I'm sort of getting used to it, I think.

Sanya: It's because of the special training, isn't it.

Eila: Eh...? Is that so...

Sanya: So, today-

Eila: Ah, I said enough with the special training! I'm going to prepare thoroughly next week too, and I got a lot of ideas from Nipa too.

Sanya: Really?

Eila: Yeah! Really, really! So, let's just go home.

Sanya: If you're fibbing, you're going to do more special training.

Eila: Like I said, you can count on me.

Sanya: Well then, let's hurry up and get home.

Episode 05


Sanya: Are you ready for this week?

Eila: Yeah. Nipa told me to explain more about Suomus.

Sanya: Ah, not just about Suomus, but introducing the witches would be good too.

Eila: Oh, is it all right if I do that?

Sanya: Yeah, I think the listeners want to know about them too.

Eila: Oh, good. Well then, Nipa is-- oh, her full name is Nikka Edvardine Katajainen, and I've known her for a long time.

Sanya: Ah...

Eila: She's pretty skilled, but since she breaks her striker unit a lot, they make her clean the hangar.

Sanya: I feel a little bad for her...

Eila: But, she's a good person.

Sanya: This is the first time I've heard you talk so much about someone else.

Eila: Really?

Sanya: Yeah. But it's already time to start the radio.

Eila: All right, we'll continue later.


Eila: I wonder if today was all right.

Sanya: Yeah. But the stuttering wasn't very good, I guess.

Eila: Did I really stutter that much?

Sanya: It's a secret.

Eila: But now I'm worried!

Sanya: By the way, tell me more about Nipa.

Eila: Nipa, huh? She's pretty serious, so she gets caught in my pranks a lot.

Sanya: Eila, you're terrible.

Eila: Eh? Hold on, when I say pranks, there's nothing wrong with it between comrades, and besides they just help to deepen our friendship, and um...

Sanya: Really?

Eila: Yeah really, absolutely!

Sanya: Really, really?

Eila: I said absolutely! Next time we go to Suomus, ask her yourself.

Sanya: Well then, I'll try writing her a letter.

Eila: Eh!? Sanya! Wait!

Episode 06


Sanya: It's Shirley's birthday soon, right?

Eila: Lucchini said we should have a birthday party for her.

Sanya: Then we'd better prepare something to give her! Any ideas?

Eila: Hmm, what about some kind of sweets? Those you made a few days ago were really good!

Sanya: Hm, yes, sweets might be a good idea. Eila, will you help me make it?

Eila: Sure! Leave it to me!

Sanya: But let's not put salmiakki in it.

Eila: Why not? It's so good...

Sanya: A no is a no. Anyway, let's start recording. We can start making the sweets as soon as we're done.

Eila: Salmiakki...

Sanya: Eila, are you listening?

Eila: Eh? What? Of course! Let's record!

Sanya: Oh, Eila...

Ending skit

Sanya: I wonder what kind of sweets we should make...

Eila: As long as you're the one making them, I'm sure they'll turn out great!

Sanya: Come on, Eila, that's not helping...

Eila: What? No, I mean it!

Sanya: *stare*

Eila: W-why are you looking at me like that? Don't look at me like that!

Sanya: Eila... aren't you trying to hide something?

Eila: Actually... I don't like sweets that tastes like seafood.

Sanya: Then... I won't make that.

Eila: Ah, sorry!

Sanya: No, it's alright. I mean, I don't like salmiakki, so...

Eila: *disappointed*

Episode 07


Eila: Well then, I guess I'll start today's recording.


Yoshika: Eila, happy birthday!

Sanya: Happy birthday!

Eila: Huh, what? Why is Miyafuji here?

Yoshika: It's your birthday, so I had to come and celebrate!

Sanya: We planned this together in secret.

Eila: I would rather just be alone with Sanya...

Sanya: What's wrong, Eila?

Eila: Uh, nothing! I'm happy, and stuff!

Sanya: Really?

Eila: Yeah, really.

Yoshika: Eila, you're blushing!

Eila: That's not true!

Sanya: So, let's start recording.


Yoshika: That went by so quick!

Sanya: Yeah. But it was fun.

Eila: Even though I wanted to be alone with Sanya...

Sanya: Oh, by the way, I got letters from Nipa and Heidemarie.

Yoshika: Who are they?

Sanya: Friends from other units.

Yoshika: Wow, you have friends from other units! That's nice. I wonder if I'll be able to make friends.

Sanya: I'm sure you will.

Yoshika: Radio is amazing. Being able to meet people whose faces you've never even seen.

Sanya: Yeah.

Yoshika: Today was really fun. Maybe I'll come next week too...

Eila: Eh!?

Yoshika: I was just kidding, Eila.

Eila: Don't scare me like that...

Sanya: Really? That's kind of a shame.

Eila: Sanya...!

Yoshika: Well, we'd better get back.

Sanya: Yeah.


Eila: ...Huh?

Episode 08


Sanya: You know what? Ever since we started doing the radio show, a lot of people have sent us letters of appreciation.

Eila: That's good to hear!

Sanya: Yes.

Eila: Speaking of which... you said you had gotten a letter from Nipa earlier...

Sanya: Yes, she said “take good care of Eila”.

Eila: I see, that's good!

Sanya: Heidemarie and other night witches sent me messages through radio.

Eila: Sounds like they all really enjoy our show!

Sanya: Yes, maybe so.

Eila: Okay, let's start recording!


Sanya: It's Perrine's birthday soon...

Eila: Stuck-up four-eyes birthday? I don't think we have to celebrate that.

Sanya: Eila, you shouldn't say things like that.

Eila: Aww...

Sanya: She gave me flowers the other day.

Eila: What? Really? She did?

Sanya: It's difficult to grow flowers in the winter, so she said they were from a greenhouse. So when we get back, we should celebrate her, all of us.

Eila: Yeah, but... It feels like we're celebrating a new birthday every week, you know?

Sanya: Isn't it good a lot of fun things are happening?

Eila: Y-yeah, you're right.

Sanya: Let's hurry back home.

Eila: Ah, Sanya, wait!

Episode 09


Eila: Hmm, it's really quiet tonight...

Sanya: You're right...

Eila: Lately, we've been pretty busy with Miyafuji coming here and birthdays and all that, so...

Sanya: Yes, Perrine seemed happy when we celebrated her.

Eila: It feels a little strange when it suddenly is this quiet.

Sanya: Eila, thank you.

Eila: W-what!? W-why do you say that all of the sudden?

Sanya: For helping out with the radio.

Eila: O-oh, that. D-don't mention it!

Sanya: I'll count on you from now on too.

Eila: S-sure! Okay, let's start recording!

Sanya: Yes!


Sanya: It felt like it went well today.

Eila: R-really?

Sanya: Yes, and we have gotten a lot of letters.

Eila: Letters? From Nipa again?

Sanya: Yes, it said she had been put in charge of cleaning, so she had a lot of time left over lately. I wonder how come?

Eila: Aah... I bet she broke another striker unit.

Sanya: Hm?

Eila: Nipa, don't get yourself hurt! And don't forget to brush your teeth! And... umm...

Sanya: Why?

Eila: Well, you see Nipa keeps crashing and breaking her striker units all the time. So while they're doing repairs, she gets cleaning duty.

Sanya: I see, you're sound pretty worried about her.

Eila: I'm not!

Sanya: Lies~

Eila: I mean it!

Episode 10


Eila: Oh, right, today is the commander's birthday.

Sanya: Oh yes. And Barkhorn has her birthday next week.

Eila: This birthday rush seems to never end...

Sanya: Let's celebrate when we get back!

Eila: Yeah! How are we going to celebrate this time? Feels like we've already done everything...

Sanya: I was thinking I might play the piano today.

Eila: Really!? I'll really look forward to that, then! Let's get the recording done quickly and go celebrate!

Sanya: Okay!


Eila: Finally over! Let's hurry back home, Sanya!

Sanya: Y-yeah....

Eila: W-what's wrong, Sanya? You don't seem so happy...

Sanya: Y-yes, I sort of lost my confidence when it comes to playing the piano... Do you think it will be alright? Will everyone listen?

Eila: Wha-! O-of course It'll be alright! I'm sure they'll like it! I guarantee it!

Sanya: Really?

Eila: Yeah! Really really!

Sanya: Promise?

Eila: Yes, I promise!

Sanya: Okay, let's go home!

Eila: Yes!

Episode 11


Sanya: It's flight lieutenant Barkhorn's birthday this weekend, right?

Eila: I've had enough of all of these birthdays now!

Sanya: You shouldn't say that. We celebrated your birthday too, remember?

Eila: We did?

Sanya: It was flight lieutenant Barkhorn who had made the cake that time, you know?

Eila: What, really? It was really good, surprisingly so.

Sanya: She said she had practiced a lot to make one for her little sister. Ah, perhaps we should make a cake for her?

Eila: That's a good idea! Sanya's chocolate cake is really good!

Sanya: Really? Let's make one together when we get back then.

Eila: Sure!


Eila: What in the world was today's engine sound?

Sanya: Lucchini didn't like it...

Eila: Hm? Oh, it was that?

Sanya: What do you mean by ”that”?

Eila: You know, the thing that stupid brit...

Sanya: Eila! You shouldn't use words like that!

Eila: Ah, sorry...

Sanya: No, it's not that, but I understand why you would think so.

Eila: Ah, I don't get it. Anyway, let's hurry back home and make a cake for that stubborn flight lieutenant.

Sanya: Yes, let's head home.

Episode 12


Eila: So it's already the end of March...

Sanya: Yes, it's almost spring.

Eila: Yeah, but there's still a lot of snow in Suomus.

Sanya: It's the same in Orussia.

Eila: We should start to prepare for Easter soon!

Sanya: Do you decorate eggs for Easter in Suomus as well?

Eila: Witch eggs? We sure do!

Sanya: I always looked so much forward to the candy in the eggs!

Eila: You put candy in them in Orussia?

Sanya: You don't do that in Suomus?

Eila: Not where I live, anyway. I know, let's ask everyone else how they do at home when we get back!

Sanya: Yes, let's. Okay, let's start recording.

Eila: Sure!


Eila: I wonder if they celebrate Easter in Fuso?

Sanya: Yoshika told me they do something called “Flower viewing”.

Eila: “Flower viewing”? What's that?

Sanya: She said you spread a sheet under the blooming cherry-blossoms and have a party.

Eila: Hmm? I don't really get it.

Sanya: She said it's really beautiful. We should do it some time.

Eila: Oh yes! Good idea!

Sanya: Then I'll talk to Yoshika and Lynne.

Eila: What, not just the two of us...?

Sanya: Did you say something?

Eila: No, nothing! I'm sure looking forward to it!

Sanya: Yes, me too!

Episode 13


Sanya: April starts today, huh...

Eila: Time flies. It feels like we just started doing this radio show.

Sanya: Easter is over too. It's going to get warmer and warmer.

Eila: The flowers have started blooming too.

Sanya: The flower viewing we went to with Yoshika and Lynne was fun too, wasn't it?

Eila: That "sakuramochi" thing was kind of weird, huh. (TL note: Sakuramochi is a kind of Japanese sweet.)

Sanya: It was sticky and wrapped in a leaf... But it was tasty.

Eila: Eh? But Salmiakki is better.

Sanya: ...No thanks.

Eila: *shock*


Eila: By the way, today was April Fool's, wasn't it?

Sanya: What's that?

Eila: It's a day when it's okay to lie.

Sanya: Lying? Why?

Eila: I'm not really sure... but I heard it's a pretty old tradition in Gallia and Britannia.

Sanya: Eh... that's a strange tradition.

Eila: Ah... yeah.

Sanya: Do you mean to tell me... that today's radio was a lie?

Eila: N-No way!

Sanya: Really?

Eila: Really!

Sanya: Liar...

Eila: It's not a lie!


Eila: Ah, Sanya! Wait!

Episode 14


Eila: Why don't we try changing today's radio a bit?

Sanya: That's kind of sudden... what do you mean?

Eila: Well, I got a letter from Nipa that said, "You should try singing sometimes too."

Sanya: You're going to sing?

Eila: Well, um, it's just a little joke...

Sanya: *laugh* It's okay.

Eila: Ah, I knew you'd say no... Eh?

Sanya: So, today, Eila will sing.

Eila: Eh??


Eila: I'm really tired out now...

Sanya: Really? Today was fun too.

Eila: It was really tough for you every time, wasn't it.

Sanya: But you tried your hardest, and it was fun, wasn't it?

Eila: That's because a lot of people are listening, and I'm together with you, Sanya...

Sanya: That's right, we have keep trying our best for everyone listening.

Eila: Yeah!

Sanya: So, let's do some special training again after such a long time. This time, it'll be special singing training!

Eila: I've had enough of special training!

Sanya: That's no good! You won't become a great singer that way!


Eila: But... I'm not really a singer...

Episode 15


Sanya: *humming the Happy Birthday song*

Eila: What's up, Sanya? You seem happy.

Sanya: Eh? Ah, it's going to be Hartmann's birthday soon. It's kind of fun just thinking about how we'll celebrate it.

Eila: Oh. For some reason you and Lt. Hartmann are pretty close, aren't you.

Sanya: Yeah. She said I sort of resemble her little sister.

Eila: Oh, is that so?

Sanya: Her name is Ursula. She was in Suomus, do you know her?

Eila: Oh, from that Misfits squadron? Huh, so that was her little sister...

Sanya: It's your own country, isn't it?

Eila: Well, but that's why I didn't realize. But anyway, let's start recording.

Sanya: Oh, is it already that time? We have to hurry!


Eila: So, what are we actually going to do for Lt. Hartmann's birthday?

Sanya: Well, Hartmann really likes sweets, so I thought we could all make some.

Eila: Oh yeah, we did before, didn't we. That was when Lucchini made Shirley angry.

Sanya: That was when you let Lucchini drink cooking liqueur... it was quite a mess. (TL Note: See Himebana 3)

Eila: But like I told you, that wasn't my fault!

Sanya: But anyway, that time was lots of fun, so I'd like to do it again!

Eila: Yeah. Let's hurry up and get back. We have to prepare.

Sanya: Yeah. Let's go back.

Episode 16


Eila: Lt. Hartmann was really pleased, wasn't she.

Sanya: But it seemed like she was most pleased by the big pile of Lt. Barkhorn's potatoes.

Eila: This time Perrine's chou-something rose, and it was really tasty when you put your chocolate on it. (TL note: Chou à la crème. See Himebana 3)

Sanya: That's called éclair au chocolat.

Eila: Oh yeah? Oh, that's right, the end of next month is Nipa's birthday, so should we send her some sweets too?

Sanya: Nipa?

Eila: Yeah. In her letter it said that she's on cleaning duty again, so she's probably got a lot of free time.

Sanya: That would cheer her up.

Eila: Ah, it's not like that's what I'm trying to do.

Sanya: But, she's a precious friend, right? I'm kind of jealous... I don't really have that many friends.

Eila: But, you have me, don't you!?

Sanya: *laugh* Thanks.

Eila: Um... we should hurry up and start recording.

Sanya: Yeah.


Eila: Ahh... I'm tired out again today.

Sanya: It might be fun if, from now on, the radio segments keep getting changed around.

Eila: Yeah. Doing all the same things over and over will lead you into a rut.

Sanya: So, this week let's do special training as well.

Eila: Eh? How'd you come up with that?

Sanya: Maj. Sakamoto told me that when you face a new challenge, special training is best!

Eila: Major, stop giving Sanya weird ideas...

Sanya: Training, training!

Eila: Ah, geez! I guess I have no choice. Training or whatever it may be, I'll do it! Let's get back, Sanya.


Sanya: Ah, Eila! Wait, wait!

Episode 17


Sanya: You know...

Eila: What's up, Sanya?

Sanya: Well, actually, I got a letter from Heidemarie.

Eila: Um... Oh! The Karlsland night witch!

Sanya: You didn't forget for a minute, did you?

Eila: N-No way. I remembered. But anyway, what did she write?

Sanya: She said it was too bad she wasn't able to listen to my singing. She said if the two of us sing...

Eila: The two of us!? That'd be nice! Let's do it. Definitely! Absolutely!

Sanya: Y-Yeah. If someone sends us a good song...

Eila: It's a promise! Anyway, let's start recording.

Sanya: Yeah.


Eila: I want to do a duet, I do, I do...

Sanya: Geez, Eila...

Eila: A good song needs to come. Oh, that's it! If I make one myself, then put it in a letter...

Sanya: Eila, you can't do that.

Eila: Huh? Did you by chance hear that...?

Sanya: Yes. Clearly.

Eila: I was so happy I said it out loud...

Sanya: If you're like that, I won't do a duet with you.

Eila: Eh? Why? Let's do a duet!

Sanya: Not telling.


Eila: Eh!? Wait!

Episode 18


Eila: A duet...

Sanya: Stop, Eila.

Eila: Eh? Oh... by the way. I just recently got a funny letter from Nipa.

Sanya: A letter?

Eila: Yeah. She went to a new base to help out, and she went on mission with a Karlsland witch and a Fuso witch, but the three of them broke their strikers and had to go back.

Sanya: All three?

Eila: And then, when they got back to the base, an Orussian flight lieutenant got really mad at them, and made them kneel in the seiza position. (TL Note: See Seiza.)

Sanya: I think I know who that person is...

Eila: Oh? Who is it?

Sanya: *laugh* It's time. Let's start recording.

Eila: Huh? It's already time?


Sanya: The angry Orussian was probably F/L Pokryshkin. I heard she was with the 502nd.

Eila: 502nd?

Sanya: Yeah. The Joint Fighter Wing on the eastern battlefront.

Eila: Oh, another Joint Fighter Wing, huh. Nipa went to help that squad, and was just a bit careless, yet she really got mad at her.

Sanya: I've heard she really likes machines, and she's a serious and very hard-working person, so when Nipa broke the striker, she just couldn't hold back, I guess.

Eila: Sounds like trouble for Nipa. She really has it tough, huh? Nipa, do your best!

Sanya: Nipa, don't get hurt.

Eila: Do your best, Nipa! Do your best, do your best!

Episode 19


Eila: Hey Sanya, are there any other night witches?

Sanya: Yeah, although there aren't that many, apparently.

Eila: I hadn't heard of any in Suomus.

Sanya: Now that you mention it, I don't think I've communicated with any from Suomus.

Eila: So there really aren't any? Then, what about other countries?

Sanya: There are a lot in Karlsland, but lately I've spoken to someone named "Oak" from the Fuso Army.

Eila: "Oak"? That's a strange name.

Sanya: It's not her real name, it's a nickname.

Eila: Oh, is that it.

Sanya: Her other name is "Dragon Slayer." Isn't it cool?

Eila: Yeah, it is. So, do you have a nickname?

Sanya: *laugh* It's a secret. Well, it's time to record.


Eila: So, are other night witches listening to this radio program?

Sanya: Yes. So, please don't say anything too embarrassing, okay?

Eila: I don't say anything embarrassing!

Sanya: Really?

Eila: Yeah, really.

Sanya: But you do a lot.

Eila: Eh? Is that so?

Sanya: Yeah.

Eila: I didn't realize it at all... what should I do?

Sanya: When we get back, should we do special training to avoid saying embarrassing things?

Eila: Yeah! Bring it on!

Sanya: All right then, let's hurry and get back.

Eila: Still, I wonder what embarrassing things I've said... hmm.

Episode 20


Eila: You know, I'm pretty much used to it, but nighttime really is dark.

Sanya: Some time ago, I heard from a Britannian with the codename "Cat's Eye" that carrots are good for seeing in the dark.

Eila: Carrot is the wife? Who's she marrying? (TL Note: Yome can mean "in the dark" or "wife.")

Sanya: Oh, Eila, you dummy.

Eila: Ah, I got called dumb again! Oh yeah, everyone brought things for us like that before too. Like blueberries, marigolds, and what was that gross thing called again?

Sanya: Cod-liver oil?

Eila: Yeah, that was it. They told us those things were good for the eyes too, but they didn't do anything at all.

Sanya: Well, just eating them once won't do anything, I think.

Eila: That could be it. But, if I ate carrots everyday, I'd turn into a rabbit...

Sanya: Eila as a rabbit? ...Cute.


Sanya: Rabbit Eila... Eila is a rabbit... hop, hop, jump, Eila is jumping...

Eila: Um... should I be happy about this...


Sanya: But, speaking of rabbits, Shirley is one.

Eila: Eh? What are you talking about all of a sudden?

Sanya: You know, rabbits.

Eila: Oh, from before. Rabbit ears wouldn't suit me, though.

Sanya: Not just rabbit ears. I was thinking, if you became a giant rabbit, you'd be so soft and fluffy, and it'd feel good.

Eila: Eh... what're you talkin' about.

Sanya: Well... it's because I lost my favorite cat-penguin toy.

Eila: Oh, right, you weren't able to bring it from the Britannian base. But, look, let's go buy you another stuffed animal. We can look together.

Sanya: Yeah. Thanks.

Eila: All right, let's get back quick, and we can go shopping tomorrow.

Sanya: Yeah!

Episode 21


Eila: It's going to be Nipa's birthday pretty soon.

Sanya: Nipa's?

Eila: Yeah. I was thinking I should send her something, but I wonder what would be good?

Sanya: Hmm, yeah. Maybe... a cushion?

Eila: Why a cushion?

Sanya: Because I heard she's always making people mad and being made to kneel in the seiza position.

Eila: Is that right? She hasn't written about that.

Sanya: A witch from the 502nd told me.

Eila: Since when!?

Sanya: It's a secret.

Eila: C'mon, tell me!

Sanya: No. *laugh*

Eila: Eh...


Eila: Oh yeah, Lynne's sister also had a birthday. What was her name again?

Sanya: Wilma.

Eila: That's right, that was her name. I get her name confused with Elma.

Sanya: Elma?

Eila: Yeah, she taught me a lot back then in Suomus. But then she was transferred to the Misfits Squadron.

Sanya: What kind of person is she?

Eila: She was always trying to encourage people by saying "Do your best," but she was kind of timid and it usually didn't work.

Sanya: She worried about you.

Eila: Yeah. Oh wait, next week is Elma's birthday! I have to buy a present for her as well as Nipa!

Sanya: Well then, let's hurry and get back.

Eila: Yeah, let's go.

Episode 22


Eila: Happy birthday, Elma, oh and by the way, Nipa too.

Sanya: Don't say "by the way." Happy birthday, Nipa and Elma.

Eila: I sent presents, so don't lose them!

Sanya: You shouldn't say that either.

Eila: It's fine, you know. I really do have to remind Nipa.

Sanya: Oh, actually, you're embarrassed.

Eila: What!? Why would you say that? It's not true!

Sanya: I knew it, you really like Nipa a lot.

Eila: But why...

Sanya: Let's start recording.


Eila: I'm... not embarrassed...


Eila: Lynne's birthday is coming up soon, too.

Sanya: Yeah, we all have to celebrate it together.

Eila: When Lynne first came to the base, nobody knew when her birthday was.

Sanya: Is that so.

Eila: Back then, Lynne was screwing up all the time.

Sanya: Thanks to Lynne, Yoshika-chan and I were able to become friends with everyone.

Eila: Yoshika-chan?

Sanya: What's wrong, Eila? Let's hurry and get back.


Eila: Yoshika... "chan"!? Arrrrrgh!!

Episode 23


Sanya: Tomorrow is Lynne's birthday, isn't it.

Eila: Somehow Miyafuji seemed to really get into it today while cooking.

Sanya: It's a shame that we can't help out much, since we have night patrol.

Eila: But, before you left you were preparing a cake.

Sanya: Yeah. I wanted to at least do that much.

Eila: Your cakes are delicious. I'm looking forward to it!

Sanya: Thanks.

Eila: All right, let's record!

Sanya: Yeah.


Sanya: We made it through without a problem again today.

Eila: Yeah.

Sanya: When we get back, before I go to bed, I have to bake the cake.

Eila: Is it okay if I help?

Sanya: Yes, please do.

Eila: Oh, by the way. Will you show me how to bake a cake this time?

Sanya: Huh? Oh, okay. But, why, all of a sudden?

Eila: Well, you know, in two months, you and Miyafuji have your birthday.

Sanya: Oh! That makes me happy. All right then, let's hurry and get back and bake the cake.

Episode 24


Eila: Lynne was really pleased last week.

Sanya: Yoshika's cooking was delicious.

Eila: Hartmann was really excited about that potato dish. Um, what was it called?

Sanya: Meat and potatoes...

Eila: Yeah, that's what it was

Sanya: That's an old Britannian dish.

Eila: Is that so? Lynne was happy about that too.

Sanya: She gave me the recipe, so I'll make it sometime

Eila: Eh, really? Then, is it okay if I help?

Sanya: Yeah. Oh, it's time to start recording.

Eila: Oh, I forgot!


Eila: Sanya, you know a lot of different kinds of cooking huh.

Sanya: When I was in Vienna, I learned a lot.

Eila: Authentic Vienna training, huh. That's Sanya for you.

Sanya: Also, sometimes when I'm with Yoshika and Lynne, I practice cooking.

Eila: Huh?! You guys do that? You should let me join too!

Sanya: Eila, you cook?

Eila: Well, I can at least cook a little...

Sanya: Okay, next time let's do it together.

Eila: Yeah!

NyanType Vol. 9 Special Radio CD


Eila: It's a quiet night, huh.

Sanya: Yeah, it is. Huh? I hear something...

Yoshika: Eila! Sanya! Wait up!

Sanya: Yoshika?

Eila: Miyafuji? What'd you come for?

Yoshika: Phew, I finally caught up with you. Minna told me to come help you with night patrol.

Sanya: Is that so? Sounds nice.

Eila: Eh? I didn't hear anything about that.

Yoshika: She told me I should get some more practice with night flying. But she said she told you about it, Eila...

Sanya: Eila, is that true?

Eila: Huh? Oh, I'm sorry, I forgot!

Yoshika: Oh, Eila, that's mean!

Sanya: That's not good, Eila.

Eila: I said I'm really sorry! But anyway, let's start recording.

Sanya: Ah, yeah, let's.

Yoshika: Yeah, let's do it.


Eila: Hmmph...


Yoshika: That was fun, wasn't it.

Sanya: Yeah!

Eila: Somehow I feel like I was getting left out.

Yoshika: What's wrong, Eila?

Eila: Nothing!

Yoshika: Will you invite me again?

Eila: Oh, don't come again!

Sanya: You shouldn't say something like that, Eila.

Yoshika: *laugh* You two really do get along well, don't you.

Sanya: Do we?

Eila: Yeah, we do! We're extremely close! So don't butt in!

Sanya & Yoshika: *laugh*

Eila: What is it...?

Yoshika: It was really fun.

Sanya: Yeah. Well, let's go back.

Yoshika: Yeah.


Eila: Huh? W-Wait!

Episode 25


Sanya: By the way Eila, you sent in your application for promotion to commissioned officer, didn't you?

Eila: Um... Yeah.

Sanya: What's wrong? You seem kind of uneasy.

Eila: Well I hadn't really done much studying prior to this. I'm really nervous about whether I'll pass the test.

Sanya: It'll be fine. You studied so much, Eila.

Eila: You think so?

Sanya: Yeah. Hard work will get properly rewarded. Minna even sent in a recommendation.

Eila: Well, it'll be good if it happens...

Sanya: Well, first things first, let's start recording.

Eila: Yeah...


Eila: It's tough becoming an officer.

Sanya: Yeah. You need to know a lot of different things.

Eila: I studied so much, my head hurts.

Sanya: But, why did you suddenly decide to send in your application?

Eila: Well, I, um... I thought that if I did that, things would be a little easier for you, Sanya...

Sanya: You did it for me?

Eila: Yeah.

Sanya: Oh, is that so. That makes me happy.

Eila: Really?

Sanya: Yeah!

Eila: Oh, good! Then should we get back?

Sanya: Yeah, let's go.

Episode 26


Eila: It'll be tough starting new corners both last time and this time too.

Sanya: What's the matter all of a sudden?

Eila: Huh? Well, you know, last week my head was full of the test, so I had no time to worry about that...

Sanya: Oh, yeah. So, what about the results of the test?

Eila: Eh? Well, they said I'll be getting the results the week after next.

Sanya: Oh, I see. It'll be tough waiting, huh?

Eila: Waiting makes me nervous. I wish it could just be over with right away.

Sanya: Well, let's record, okay?

Eila: Yeah.


Eila: The new corners somehow worked out, I guess.

Sanya: We still have a long way to go. We still have to hear from a lot more people.

Eila: Oh, is that so?

Sanya: Also, it's going to get really busy soon.

Eila: Why's that?

Sanya: Minna said so in a letter.

Eila: I see. Maybe I should do a tarot reading.

*flips card*

Eila: Oh!

Sanya: What is it?

Eila: It looks like there's going to be danger in the south.

Sanya: Oh no! Let's hurry and get back.

Eila: Ah, Sanya, wait!

Episode 27


Eila: Things are getting pretty crazy, it seems.

Sanya: Yeah. The night witches are all on missions, and a lot of transmissions are flying around.

Eila: Is it really okay for us to be doing a radio show at a time like this?

Sanya: Just because it's an emergency, it doesn't mean we should panic. If we all do things as normal, it will help us to stay calm.

Eila: I guess so. In that case, let's do our best with the radio as always!

Sanya: Yeah. So, let's record.

Eila: Yeah!


Eila: Ah, the recording's over.

Sanya: Today, we're moving out.

Eila: Huh? Why?

Sanya: Well, during the fortune-telling, you said that it will be getting dangerous in the south, right? It looks like it's true.

Eila: What? I was actually right?

Sanya: Geez, you're the one that predicted it. You know, the Trajanus plan seems to have failed.

Eila: That thing the 504th were doing?

Sanya: Yeah.

Eila: Is that so. I guess taking it easy ends today. Things are going to get busy.

Sanya: Yeah. I haven't heard anything from Orussia except "Act according to your own judgment." What about you, Eila?

Eila: I was told to obey your orders, Sanya.

Sanya: Well, I'm concerned about everyone, so let's go see them.

Eila: Okay.