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Episode 28


Sanya: Your prediction was right, Eila.

Eila: Yeah, it was, it was! Amazing, right?

Sanya: Yeah. I'm impressed.

Eila: Heh heh.

Sanya: We came this far south because of the prediction, but the radio show is going to keep going.

Eila: Is it? That's great.

Sanya: And more guests might come from now on, too!

Eila: Eh? Is that so...

Sanya: Yeah! So, let's do a good recording today.

Eila: Yeah...


Sanya: When you change locations, the way the radio waves are transmitted changes too, it seems.

Eila: Oh, that happens?

Sanya: Yeah, for some reason.

Eila: Do you think the radio is being received in Suomus or Orussia?

Sanya: It definitely is.

Eila: There was no time to even say goodbye to Nipa. Nipa, don't break your striker again!

Sanya: Thanks to everyone in the Brave Witches for taking care of us!

Eila: Nipa, I'll write you a letter after this.

Sanya: Me too.

Eila: Ahh... I'm tired. Should we go back?

Sanya: Yeah. Let's go.

Episode 29


Sanya: Eila, what are all those things you're carrying?

Eila: This? Nipa sent us all the things we had forgotten back at the 502nd's base.

Sanya: She did?

Eila: I wonder if there's some salmiakki in here somewhere?

Sanya: Oh Eila...

Eila: Salmiakki, salmiakki... Hm? A scarf?

Sanya: And a... hat?

Eila: And a... coat? These are all winter clothes!

Sanya: But they might come in handy some time. Let's keep them just in case.

Eila: Really?


Eila: Oh yeah. Didn't Commanding Officer Minna call me ”Flying Officer” the other day?

Sanya: Yes, she did.

Eila: Why?

Sanya: You must have passed the Officer test?

Eila: Eh!? Really? But won't I still be a Pilot Officer even if I passed it?

Sanya: But... You were expecting to get promoted soon, weren't you?

Eila: Yeah... I was told I should be promoted soon...

Sanya: Well then, you must have become eligible for a promotion when you passed the test.

Eila: Is that how it works?

Sanya: Yes, that's how it works.

Eila: Well, I guess I can ask when we get back home.

Sanya: Then let's go.

Eila: Yeah.

Episode 30


Eila: Where did Miyafuji and the others go the other day? Do you know?

Sanya: I heard they were going to do some special training.

Eila: Special training... * gasp*

Sanya: What's wrong?

Eila: N-nothing... just some bad memories...

Sanya: What?

Eila: O-oh it's nothing! Let's hurry up and do today's recording!

Sanya: Eila, you're being strange... * zooms away*

Eila: Phew... I thought she would force me into doing some kind of special training again...

Sanya: What's the hold-up, Eila? Let's go!

Eila: Y-yeah!


Eila: Finally finished for today!

Sanya: No, not yet...

Eila: What's wrong, Sanya!? Do you sense an enemy or something!?

Sanya: We'll soon start on a new operation, so you have to do some special training!

Eila: What!? Why does it always turn out like this!?

Sanya: You're a Flying Officer now, so you have to know what you're doing, or you'll set a bad example for the people below you.

Eila: But only Lucchini, Lynne and Miyafuji have lower rank than I have!

Sanya: Just one is enough! Come now, let's hurry home to do some training!

Eila: Sanya...

Episode 31


Eila: That ”Jet Striker” was quite amazing...

Sanya: Yes, it was able to ascend really fast...

Eila: But I think I still prefer the Striker unit I have now.

Sanya: Yeah... It might be good when intercepting incoming enemies, but I don't think it's really made for night patrolling.

Eila: Yeah, it didn't seem good for flying for a long period of time.

Sanya: But... I wonder what happened during the time we were asleep.

Eila: Yeah... We suddenly had a lot of potatoes...

Sanya: The things Yoshika made out of them were very good, though.

Eila: Yeah, I had no idea there was such variety of things you could make from potatoes.

Sanya: Let's cook something together later!

Eila: Really!? Yes, please teach me!

Sanya: Okay, as soon as we've finished recording for today.

Eila: Okay!


Eila: S-s-sanya... Here! A present!

Sanya: What's this?

Eila: A pillow.

Sanya: Pillow? Oh, I was wondering what it was you were carrying with you all this time...

Eila: I thought you might like it... so...

Sanya: Thank you!

Eila: And... Miyafuji told me she had seen that they sell those cat-penguins in town. Let's go in and buy one!?

Sanya: Really? They had cat-penguins?

Eila: Yeah! I asked for directions to the store too! So perhaps, next time we have a day off...?

Sanya: Sure! Thanks! Let's go together, then.

Eila: Promise?

Sanya: Promise!

Episode 32


Sanya: Eila, thanks for the pillow.

Eila: I-it was nothing.

Sanya: But it must have taken a lot of time to find it. I didn't think they sold these around here.

Eila: No, well... I had Miyafuji look for it for me.

Sanya: Oh, I see. So you've finally become friends with Yoshika!

Eila: What? We've been friends for a long time.

Sanya: Really?

Eila: Yeah.

Sanya: I see... I didn't know.

Eila: B-but the one most important to me is still... S-sanya...

Sanya: Did you say something?

Eila: Nothing!

Sanya: You're acting funny again... Anyway, let's start recording.

Eila: Yeah.


Sanya: So, we're done for today.

Eila: Yeah.

Sanya: Cat-penguin, cat-penguin~

Eila: Good thing they had ones that look just like the one you had before.

Sanya: Yeah. I'm very glad.

Eila: Should we go buy another two or three?

Sanya: Nah, one is enough for me.

Eila: Okay. I was thinking I might buy one for myself...

Sanya: They come in other colors as well, you should buy one of those.

Eila: Other colors?

Sanya: Yes, three different colors in total.

Eila: I see! Then we should go some day!

Sanya: Yes, let's go again.

Eila: Yeah!

Episode 33


Eila: I've never been that far up before.

Sanya: We were 33333 meters up, right?

Eila: Yeah. It wasn't too cold thanks to our magic, but we still couldn't talk to each other normally...

Sanya: Thank you.

Eila: W-what are you thanking me for, all of a sudden?

Sanya: I knew you would come up to me.

Eila: You don't have to thank me... I did it for your sake, so...

Sanya: We were able to defeat it since Yoshika and the others helped us out, but... But...

Eila: But?

Sanya: It was mostly thanks to you.

Eila: Not at all! It was mostly thanks to you!

Sanya: Then, it was because everybody helped out, okay?

Eila: Yeah. Let's do our best today.

Sanya: Yes, let's start recording.


Eila: Finally done for today!

Sanya: Yes.

Eila: But you know... Wing Commander Minna got really mad at me after that.

Sanya: How come?

Eila: She said ”Well, we were lucky the operation turned out successfully, but what would you have done if you had failed?”

Sanya: Ah... I'm sorry, Eila.

Eila: I-it's not something you have to apologize for!

Sanya: But...

Eila: Well, it ended with three days of solitary confinement, so I have to go to the confinement room when we get back...

Sanya: I see... Let's fly together a little while longer today, then!

Eila: Sure! Let's go back slowly today!

Sanya: Yeah.

Episode 34


Erica: Yaho! Sanyan!

Eila: Flying Officer Hartmann!?

Sanya: Hartmann? What are you doing here?

Erica: I slept past noon so I feel wide awake now because of that so I came here to play with you guys!

Eila: You mean you came here to annoy us...

Sanya: Eila, did you say something?

Eila: N-no! Nothing...

Erica: Nihihi... Actually, Trude is angry with me since I broke the Siegfried Line.

Eila: What's that supposed to mean...?

Sanya: It's the line that divides Barkhorn and Hartmann's room.

Erica: Right! I've gotten my hands on some more stuff that is lying around, and some it fell over to the other side, so I ran away!

Eila: Don't come here and interrupt us when we're doing the radio show because of that!

Sanya: Okay, so we'll be three today. Let's go!

Erica: Sure!

Eila: Ah! Wait!


Erica: *yawn* That was that! *sneeze*

Sanya: Do you have a cold?

Erica: Nah, it's just a little breezy...

Eila: Flying Officer Hartmann! You're not wearing any...!

Erica: Huh? Oh. Right, I took them off for the battle earlier, and forgot to put them on again.

Eila/Sanya: What!?

Sanya: W-we better hurry back or you'll catch a cold!

Erica: Oh, don't... * sneeze* worry!

Eila: This doesn't sound good! We better hurry!

Erica: You guys are hopeless...

Eila: You're the one who's hopeless!

Episode 35


Eila: I have to say I was really surprised when Miyafuji suddenly said she had lost her ability to fly.

Sanya: I was really worried about her.

Eila: Yeah. Well, I thought she'd be okay since she could still use her healing powers.

Sanya: Really?

Eila: Yeah, I'm used to second-hand striker units from back in Suomus, so I figured it probably was a problem like that.

Sanya: But Eila... you could have just told her so in that case.

Eila: Ah, no. She said the Squadron Leader had already checked the striker units, so it wouldn't be very nice to tell her that in case I was wrong...

Sanya: Oh, right. It's not very nice to do that to someone who is already a little down...

Eila: Yeah, right?

Sanya: Yeah. Okay, let's do today's recording.


Eila: Aah, finally over!

Sanya: How about making some sweets for Yoshika when we get back?

Eila: Eh? Why should we do that all of a sudden?

Sanya: You know, she might be able to fly again now, but she was pretty down before that, so...

Eila: Yeah, but I think she's fine. She seemed pretty hyped over her new striker unit and so, so...

Sanya: ...stupid Eila.

Eila: What!? She called me stupid again...

Sanya: If we're friends... when things like this happen... you should do something for her, right?

Eila: Friends...? Oh, right. Miyafuji is a friend. Right.

Sanya: You're acting funny again...

Eila: In that case, salmiak-

Sanya: No!

Eila: Aww...

Sanya: Come on now, let's hurry back and make those sweets!

Eila: Whoa! Sanya! Wait!

Episode 36


Eila: Argh, my skin still stings...

Sanya: Same here... But... What were we supposed to do on the beach?

Eila: Hmm... Yeah, we were just sitting there all that time... But it seems like Perrine and Miyafuji were up to something.

Sanya: They were? I wonder what they were doing?

Eila: No idea. Everyone was just gone all of a sudden.

Sanya: Hmm. Perhaps I'll ask Yoshika later.

Eila: I-I'm interested too!

Sanya: You are? Then let's go ask her together when we get back.

Eila: Yeah. And let's not just ask Miyafuji. We can ask Lynne too.

Sanya: Yeah. Okay, let's do today's recording.

Eila: Yeah.


Eila:: Finally done for today!

Sanya: Yes... But I heard we were going to be involved in a new operation soon.

Eila: Oh, we better prepare then.

Sanya: We might get pretty busy soon.

Eila: Oh yeah, that's right. I saw Wing Commander Minna running around giving orders earlier, looking very busy.

Sanya: We also had deliveries of a lot of ammunition and fuel earlier, and the ground crew looked pretty busy as well.

Eila: Maybe we'll have another one of those huge operations before we move to the next base.

Sanya: Well, I think it's a good thing if it means we can put an end to this with one short and decisive battle.

Eila: Yeah, you're right. We have to defeat the Neuroi in Karlsland and Orussia after that too, so...

Sanya: Yeah.

Eila: Alright! Let's go back home, and do our best tomorrow!

Sanya: We should start doing that from today!

Eila: What!?

Episode 37


Sanya: Marseille sure was cool, wasn't she?

Eila: What? You think?

Sanya: Yeah. She seemed strong and pretty, and she was very confident... I wish I could be more like her.

Eila: I think you're fine as you are!

Sanya: No... I want to become better friends with everyone!

Eila: Well in that case, I'll help you!

Sanya: How?

Eila: I'll start thinking about that now!

Sanya: Thanks. Let's start recording?

Eila: Yeah, okay.


Sanya: Have you come up with anything yet?

Eila: What? What are you talking about?

Sanya: You know, a way to become better friends with everyone.

Eila: I think you're already pretty good friends with everyone... With Miyafuji, Lynne and Hartmann...

Sanya: But still... I wish I could be more like Yoshika, and just naturally get along with everyone.

Eila: Like Miyafuji? Yeah, but you know, Yoshika is pretty special in that regard.

Sanya: Really?

Eila: Yeah. I don't think you have to try to imitate her. It's better to just try to become friends with everyone in your own way.

Sanya: My own way?

Eila: Right!

Sanya: Like, talk to them over the radio... make midnight snacks for them in secret...

Eila: Ehm, no... I was thinking of something different...

Sanya: And... play the piano for them...

Eila: ...Anyway, let's go back to base.

Sanya: ...Go to the sauna together...

Episode 38


Eila: A big operation, huh... I have to admit it really surprised me.

Sanya: Yes, me too. I was surprised to hear battleships from so many nations were gathered.

Eila: Yeah, seeing them all really made you think ”This is it! This will be the decisive battle!”, right?

Sanya: Yes... I hope it really will put an end to the war here.

Eila: Yeah, I'm sure that would make Lucchini really happy.

Sanya: But I wonder if we all will be separated from each other if that happens?

Eila: I-I'll still be by your side even if that happens!

Sanya: Thanks.

Eila: Don't mention it!

Sanya: Let's start recording.

Eila: Sure!


Sanya: I wonder if Sakamoto is alright? She didn't seem to do so well.

Eila: Yeah, it seems like she's trying too hard as of late.

Sanya: Yes, it wouldn't be strange if she retired soon.

Eila: But I guess she still wants to fight.

Sanya: I just hope she isn't overexerting herself...

Eila: She'll be fine. I'm sure Miyafuji will help her out if anything happens.

Sanya: Just Yoshika?

Eila: N-no, I mean... If Miyafuji does something, Lynne, and everyone else will follow her. Of course, I will too!

Sanya: Yes, you're right. It's the eleven of us together that are the Strike Witches, after all.

Eila: Yes, right? Let's go home.

Sanya: Yes.

Episode 39


Sanya: It's over...

Eila: Yeah... it is.

Sanya: What are you going to do now, Eila?

Eila: I'll go with you to Orussia to find your parents again!

Sanya: Yeah... Thanks!

Eila: So, how should we look for them?

Sanya: We weren't able to get into the country from Europe, so... Perhaps we should try to enter from Fuso instead?

Eila: Fuso?

Sanya: Yes.

Eila: Fuso...? Hmm... hmm...

Sanya: Let's think about it after we're done recording.

Eila: Sanya, wait!

Episode 39


Sanya: But how do we go to Fuso?

Eila: You're seriously considering going to Fuso?

Sanya: Yes. I think it's probably safer to go that way.

Eila: Hm, well, I asked Miyafuji earlier about how to go there...

Sanya: Really? That's great, Eila!

Eila: Hehe, it was nothing. Well, it takes around a month and a half by boat, and about a week by airplane.

Sanya: That long...?

Eila: I've been talking to Squadron Leader Sakamoto about catching a ride with a Fuso battleship.

Sanya: What should we do...?

Eila: Well, we have another week to decide, so let's think it through carefully first.

Sanya: Yes, you're right. Let's go home.

Eila: Yeah.

Episode 40


Eila: So, have you decided on what we should do?

Sanya: Well... They said ”You can't go to Fuso”.

Eila: What! Who said that?

Sanya: One of my superiors in Orussia. I sent a request for vacation, but they could only give me a month off...

Eila: What? Cheapskates! They could have given you more!

Sanya: Yes well... No, the Neuroi are still out there...

Eila: Yeah, but you've been fighting for so long...

Sanya: But you know what? I talked with Squadron Leader Sakamoto, and she said she was going to contact a friend of hers in Orussia.

Eila: Oh, really?

Sanya: Yes, so I've decided we shouldn't rush into it. So, let's start with doing today's recording.

Eila: Yeah, alright.


Eila: *sigh* So we'll have to part with this base too soon...

Sanya: We haven't even been here for very long... Makes me quite sad.

Eila: Yeah, we were finally able to meet everyone again, and now we already have to split up.

Sanya: Do you think we'll ever be able to see them all again?

Eila: Sure we will! We're all connected by the sky, after all!

Sanya: ...oh.

Eila: What? Did I say something strange?

Sanya: No... Yes, you're right. We will surely meet again!

Eila: Yes we will! So let's go back to base and have a farewell party with everyone!

Sanya: Yes!

Episode 41


Eila: Did you know, Sanya?

Sanya: What?

Eila: Since we're moving out, they had to clean Hartmann's room, and it took them a week to get it done!

Sanya: Oh yes, I remember something similar happening at our last base too.

Eila: Yeah. From what I heard, they managed to finally finish it because Flight Lieutenant Barkhorn decided to throw most of the stuff in there away.

Sanya: Oh, so the reason Flight Lieutenant Barkhorn gave me that cat-penguin was...

Eila: Yeah, it probably came from Hartmann's room.

Sanya: Yeah, that was very surprising! I didn't know they came in different sizes!

Eila: ...That's what surprised you?

Sanya: But... This will be one of the last times we record this show here, won't it? So let's go.

Eila: Oh... Yeah...


Eila: A farewell party, huh? I already feel a little lonely...

Sanya: Yes... We have things to prepare when we get back.

Eila: Are you going to cook something, Sanya?

Sanya: I was thinking of baking a cake for Yoshika.

Eila: Yeah... she might feel down now that she can't fly anymore.

Sanya: No, I don't think so.

Eila:: Really?

Sanya: Yeah. She said she has no regrets. She said she wants to focus on her studies and become a doctor now.

Eila: I see... Wow, she really is remarkable!

Sanya: So I was thinking of baking her a cake to cheer her on!

Eila: Then I'll help you out!

Sanya: Thanks! Then let's hurry back!

Eila: Yeah!

Episode 42


Eila: So we've had the farewell party, and Squadron Leader Sakamoto and Miyafuji already boarded the ship...

Sanya: Perrine, Lynne and the Karlsland trio are going to fly from here, from what I've heard.

Eila: Flight Lieutenant Shirley and Lucchini are going to go by car, so they'll be leaving last.

Sanya: Are we going to fly too?

Eila: Yeah, that's what I was thinking at least...?

Sanya: Do you think we could ask if we can catch a ride with the Fuso ship for at least a part of the journey?

Eila: Umm... Yeah, I was actually thinking the same thing.

Sanya: Really? Alright, let's hurry up and do today's recording.

Eila: Ah, yeah!


Sanya: We've been on the Amagi once before, haven't we?

Eila: Oh, yeah. When we were disbanded last time and left that base...

Sanya: It's strange how we seem to board a Fuso carrier each time we leave a base...

Eila: Yeah... It wasn't much fun back then either...

Sanya: Makes you feel a little nostalgic, doesn't it?

Eila: ...

Sanya: What's wrong, Eila?

Eila: Ah, no... It's just... Remembering it so suddenly sort of... makes me feel sad...

Sanya: ...Don't cry, Eila. We have to part from everyone with a smile.

Eila: Y-yeah!

Sanya: Okay, so let's ask them to let us aboard when we get back.

Eila: Yes, let's do that.

Episode 43


Eila: It's good to have some days off from flying!

Sanya: Yeah... It's been a long time since we were aboard a ship.

Eila: The 501st had just been disbanded last time too...

Sanya: And we were on the Amagi last time too!

Eila: When you mention it, there does seem to be some kind of mysterious force making us cross paths again...

Sanya: I just hope we won't get attacked by a Neuroi this time...

Eila: No thanks!

Sanya: Just kidding.

Eila: *sneeze* But I have to say the nights are quite cold here even though we're in the Mediterranean... Let's hurry up and do today's recording.

Sanya: Yes, let's.


Eila: It's pretty fun to do this radio show on a boat for a change!

Sanya: But I think we should let someone come on as a guest now when we're still all together...

Eila (whispering): But I prefer being alone with you...

Sanya: Hm? Oh? What's wrong, Eila?

Eila: Nothing! I-I'm sure everyone is tired, and they want to sleep well during the night, so...

Sanya: Yes, you're right... We're still having a farewell party for Yoshika, so...

Eila: Mm, yeah. We only have time until we reach Brest in Gallia, after all.

Sanya: Yes... Once we get there, we have to say goodbye to everyone...

Eila: Yeah... But I'm sure we'll meet again!

Sanya: Yes... Yes, you're right!

Episode 44


Sanya: So apparently, people from Africa have been tuning in to our radio show too lately.

Eila: Oh yeah, that's right. We got a letter from the Storm Witches!

Sanya: Yes, and we've received letters from a lot of other units too.

Eila: Hm? What's this? ”Please play Lili Marleen at 09:58 PM”?

Sanya: Lili Marleen? That's the song Commander Minna sang, isn't it?

Eila: Oh, that one? I've heard her hum on it once!

Sanya: Hum? But she sang it in front of everyone?

Eila: Oh yeah, when you played the piano! I remember!

Sanya: Maybe we should ask her!

Eila: Umm... Yeah, sure! Maybe next time! Anyway, let's start recording!

Sanya: Oh, yes. Okay.


Sanya: So we're done for the day...

Eila: Yeah, I'm not used to doing it here though, it feels a little strange.

Sanya: Oh, I see lights from a harbor!

Eila: Ah, must be Gibraltar.

Sanya: Do you think we'll stop there for the day?

Eila: Probably. I guess this means good-bye to the Mediterranean Sea.

Sanya: Yes, we'll be on the Atlantic Ocean tomorrow.

Eila: And then... We'll be in Gallia in no time...

Sanya: It's a little sad, but we're going to have our real farewell party there, so we have to prepare.

Eila: Yeah, you're right. Oh, right. But first, I have to tell Miyafuji how to build a sauna.

Sanya: What? Why?

Eila: Saunas can be used for medical purposes too, so I'm sure they can find use for them in Fuso!

Sanya: Ah, right. I'm sure she'll be glad for that.

Eila: Yep! Alright, let's return to our room.

Sanya: Yes.

Episode 45


Eila: Once we've left Gibraltar, we'll already be out on the Atlantic Ocean.

Sanya: And then it won't be long until we reach Gallia...

Eila: Yeah. How are we going to continue from Brest?

Sanya: About that... The captain said he'll take us to Calais.

Eila: Calais? You mean Perrine's home?

Sanya: Yes. We'll get pretty close to Neuroi-controlled territory, but it's alright since Wing Commander Minna has said she will protect us.

Eila: I see! Yeah, that will probably make it easier for everyone!

Sanya: Yes, Wing Commander Minna and the others are going to Belgica, so it'll be easier for them too.

Eila: It's good we can be together for a little while longer!

Sanya: Yes... Alright, let's start recording.

Eila: Yes!


Eila: Phew! I'm starting to get used to recording this radio show while not flying!

Sanya: It's feels like it's been quite a long time since I last had a day where I don't have night patrol duty.

Eila: Yes, a lot of other witches agreed to fly instead tonight!

Sanya: Both Britannian and Karlslander witches helped me out a great deal.

Eila: Really? The one from Britannia was called ”Cat's eye”, was she?

Sanya: Yes, and Heidemarie from Karlsland and some others helped out too.

Eila: I see. We have to remember to thank them when we get a chance.

Sanya: Haha, you can just thank them now.

Eila: Oh right, we're on the radio after all!

Eila/Sanya: Thank you, everyone!

Episode 46


Sanya: We've gotten a letter from Nipa.

Eila: Really? Even though we're on a boat?

Sanya: Yes, a Britannian witch just delivered it to us.

Eila: What does it say?

Sanya: Hmm... ”The show is a little slack as of late. There is no more special training, and it seems as if you have forgotten about Suomus...”

Eila: Right... I had forgotten about it...

Sanya: So, more special training?

Eila: Please, no!

Sanya: Since we're on a ship... I guess scrubbing the deck? And there's mast climbing...

Eila: Urgh... A-anyway, let's hurry up and start recording!

Sanya: Run 100 laps around deck... or perhaps diving into the sea would be better...?


Sanya: We just went by Brest!

Eila: ...So that means we'll have to part with everyone tomorrow...

Sanya: Yes, but Perrine said she wanted us to have a farewell party in her country, so we're invited!

Eila: Will Miyafuji and Squadron Leader Sakamoto be there too?

Sanya: Of course! It seems like they need to resupply the Amagi first, so they'll be staying.

Eila: I see! Hmm... Too bad no one was able to turn up as a guest.

Sanya: It seems like everyone would have liked to, but they were busy.

Eila: This was a good chance otherwise... too bad.

Sanya: I'm sure there will be more chances. So let's continue with the radio show!

Eila: Sure! I'm sure they'll turn up sooner or later if we continue!

Sanya: Yes!

Episode 47

Opening skit

*Typical boat whistle sound*

Eila: Ah, the steam whistle!

Sanya: Do you think we're there yet?

Eila: Yeah, I can see the lights from the city.

Sanya: So we've finally arrived in Calais...

Eila: I guess we have to say goodbye to everyone now...

Sanya: Yes... we're really going to split up again... That's sad...

Eila: I-I'll always be with you!

Sanya: Ah... Thanks, Eila!

Eila: Anyway, let's do our last recording session on the ship now!

Sanya: Yes, all right.

Ending skit

Eila: Okay, we finished recording without any incidents...I thought it would be a long journey, but it felt quite short.Eila:

Sanya: Yes... I wish we could have stayed on board a little longer.

Eila: Ah! A shooting star!

Sanya: Should we wish we can meet everyone again some day?

Eila: Meet everyone again... Oh, I know! Let's do some fortune-telling. Here we go! ...Oh! The Judgment!

Sanya: What does it mean?

Eila: It means things like rebirth and reunion, so I'm sure we'll meet everyone again!

Sanya: Oh, that's great! We should tell everyone!

Eila: Yes! I'm sure Miyafuji will be happy to hear it!

Sanya: Okay, let's go back to the cabin.

Episode 48

Opening skit

Eila: It's been a long time since we last were on night patrol like this.

Sanya: That's true... The Amagi is getting resupplied, so we have make sure she is protected.

Eila: I heard Minna and the others were going to do it during the day.

Sanya: Yes, and then Perrine and Lynne will take over. And a few Britannian witches are going to help out as well.

Eila: I see. I hope Miyafuji and the others will make it back to Fuso safely.

Sanya: I think a few witches from Fuso are going to come on board in Britannia, so I'm sure they'll be all right.

Eila: I see, no need to worry then.

Sanya: Well then, let's start recording.

Eila: Yeah.

Ending skit

Sanya: Looking at it from above like this, I noticed that the amount of lights in Gallia really has increased a lot lately.

Eila: Yes, the reconstruction really has come a long way.

Sanya: Maybe it's because Perrine has been working so hard.

Eila: She said that the people who evacuated have started to return gradually.

Sanya: I hope the same can be said about the rest of world too soon...

Eila: Yeah... I'm sure it'll happen!

Sanya: And then we can meet everyone whenever we'd like!

Eila: Yes!

Sanya: Yes, I'm sure it'll happen too! All right, let's head back to the farewell-party.

Eila: Yes, let's head back.

Episode 49

Opening skit

Eila: Miyafuji and the others left...

Sanya: Yes... but she seemed happy during the party.

Eila: Yeah... It's all right. I'm sure we'll meet again!

Sanya: You're right.

Eila: So, what are we going to do now?

Sanya: Haven't you gotten any new orders from Suomus?

Eila: Hmm... They said I should just be careful and follow your orders.

Sanya: Oh, really?

Eila: Yeah. Oh, and they also said I should help the 502nd out if possible.

Sanya: Wouldn't that be the more important part of the directives?

Eila: What! Really!?

Sanya: Yes... Normally...

Eila: Oh, I see... Anyway, let's think about it while we do today's recording.

Sanya: Yes, okay. Let's start recording.

Ending skit

Eila: Aah... Finished for today!

Sanya: Yes... Good job!

Eila: So, what do you think we should do?

Sanya: I guess we should start off by going to the 502nd's base in Petersburg.

Eila: I see. Yeah, I guess.

Sanya: Yes, it's not like we really have anywhere else we need to go anyway.

Eila: Yeah, I guess continuing doing the radio show over there doesn't sound like such a bad idea.

Sanya: Hmm... About that...

Eila: Hm?

Sanya: It seems like something is happening over there.

Eila: What does that mean!?

Sanya: I don't really know much about it either, but let's head back and try to find out!

Eila: Yes, all right!

Episode 50

Opening skit

Eila: We've gotten a lot of strange letters with new directives...

Sanya: Yes... They all said “Come to our unit if you don't have anything better to do!”

Eila: We have to look for your parents, so it's not like we don't have anything better to do!

Sanya: But that's not all, is it?

Eila: What? Isn't that what's most important right now?

Sanya: It's important, but we have to protect everyone as well!

Eila: Well yeah, I guess you're right...

Sanya: Wing Commander Minna said she'll contact us from time to time too, it seems like a new operation is about to start soon.

Eila: I see... Seems like we'll be quite busy.

Sanya: Yes... We might not be able to keep on doing this radio show then.

Eila: What!? No way!

Sanya: It's just a maybe! First of all, let's do today's recording.

Eila: Y-yeah, all right. Brooding over it won't really make any difference anyway.

Sanya: Yes.

Ending skit

Sanya: So we're done for today...

Eila: Yeah... I wish we could just keep on doing this forever...

Sanya: Yes, but... If a new operation really is about to start, I think it will be difficult to keep going...

Eila: Yeah, but I don't like it...

Sanya: There's nothing we can do about it, though... The operation is more important.

Eila: Yeah that's true, but... Oh, but wait. Perhaps we can start again once the operation is over?

Sanya: Oh... yes! We probably can!

Eila: Right? A lot of people enjoy listening after all, I'm sure we'll be able to do it again! I guarantee it!

Sanya: Thanks!

Eila: Hehe, don't mention it! All right, let's head back home.

Sanya: Yes!

Episode 51

Opening skit

Sanya: It seems like we really do have to stop doing the radio show for a while...

Eila: I see... That's too bad...

Sanya: Yes... But the operation is more important, so...

Eila: Yeah, I know. But it still makes me feel a little sad...

Sanya: Yes, we have been doing it for quite a while.

Eila: Yeah, we have...

Sanya: To be honest, I didn't think we would go on for this long.

Eila: What! I could do this forever together with you!

Sanya: I wish we could...

Eila: Yeah... Anyway there's still some time before we arrive in Petersburg, let's do today's recording now?

Sanya: All right, let's do our best!

Ending skit

Eila: We'll soon run out of fuel.

Sanya: Yes... We should see the lights of Copenhagen soon...

Eila: Let's see... we just flew over the peninsula... Ah, over there!

Sanya: Yes, I see it!

Eila: I'm a little tired from having flown over the open sea for so long.

Sanya: There might be Neuroi over land, so we didn't really have a choice.

Eila: Yeah, true. But couldn't we just as well simply have taken a boat to Oslo?

Sanya: But you were the one who said we should hurry!

Eila: What? I did...?

Sanya: Yes... “We better move out fast”...

Eila: Really...? Oh look, the runway!

Sanya: Oh, Eila...

Note of interest that perhaps isn't very interesting for anyone but me, but still: Sanya actually pronounces it ケベンハウン (København) rather than コペンハーゲン (Copenhagen). I found this incredibly cute for some reason.

Episode 52

Opening skit

Eila: We'll reach Petersburg tomorrow, so I guess we have stop doing the show for a while...

Sanya: Yes, it's too bad... But I look forward to seeing Sasha and the others again.

Eila: Yeah, I'm sure Nipa is there too... She better not have gotten hurt again...

Sanya: She doesn't get hurt that often, does she?

Eila: She does, actually. She crashes all the time.

Sanya: What? Really!?

Eila: Yeah, and my sister have to go pick her up sometimes too, it's actually quite a lot of work!

Sanya: Haha, it actually sounds like pretty fun.

Eila: Y-you think? Anyway, let's do our last recording now.

Sanya: Let's do our best!

Eila: Yeah!

Ending skit

Eila: It's finally over...

Sanya: No, not yet. We're still on air.

Eila: What!? This is still getting broadcast?

Sanya: Yes. We should say goodbye to everyone properly.

Eila: What a bother.

Sanya: No no, do it seriously.

Eila: All right then!

Sanya: Thanks a lot for listening, everyone!

Eila: We had a lot of fun reading your letters! Your letters too, Nipa!

Sanya: A new operation is about to start, so we have to take a break now, but... I'm sure we'll meet again!

Eila: That's right! It's a promise!

Sanya: See you! Do svidaniya!

Eila: Nähdään! Moi moi!

Eila/Sanya: One, two... Bye-bye!!