Strike Witches: Blitz in the Blue Sky - New Commander Struggles! (Sutoraiku Witchīzu: Sōkū no Dengekisen - Shin Taichō Funtōsuru!) is a simulation game developed by Russell for the Nintendo DS.


The 501st Joint Fighter Wing Witches take under their wing a candidate commanding officer from the Fuso Empire, Takei Junko. She contacts the 501st to inform them that she will be meeting up with them during a training exercise. At the same time the military announces a new operation: to make a concerted strike against the Neuroi at the Gallian coastline and establish a new frontline base.


The game is composed of a "simulation part" that uses a semi real-time simulation system that makes full use of the touch screen, a "unit formation part" that allows to change and customize units and weapons, and an "adventure part" that depicts interactions between the witches.


Pre-orders of the game received a fake girl's gym shorts DS pouch with their order. A limited-edition also exists and contains an audio drama CD.



Strike Witches Blitz in the Blue Sky DS PV

Strike Witches Blitz in the Blue Sky DS PV

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