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Strike Witches: Maidens' Volume (ストライクウィッチーズ 乙女ノ巻, Sutoraiku Witchīzu Otome no Maki) is a light novel series written by Nanbou Hidehisa. The novels were later released in Kindle digital books as well. This is the novel version of Strike Witches Season 1, but it also contain original stories in between the novel version of the episodes of the anime. The fourth volume expand the story of the first season and depict the times between the two seasons of the anime.

A novel version of the TV anime "Strike Witches" depicting Yoshika's adventures has been released! In the novel original story, their daily lives are open to the public!


Otomome no Maki: I'm Lucchini! A member of the 501st Joint Fighter Wing, commonly known as "Strike Witches," whose mission is to fight the mysterious enemy Neuroi. Only witches can fight them! However, Yoshika, a newcomer, can't control her magical powers and can't fly properly. I wonder why Major Sakamoto brought that child. But with Yoshika, you won't get bored! Introducing the novelized version of the popular Witches anime.

Otomome no Maki 2: They are not embarrassed of not wearing pants! The second novel based on the anime! Barkhorn goes to buy a present for her sister, it's fun summer memories. This volume will also be full of original stories!

Otomome no Maki 3: Miyafuji encountered a new Neuroi. It was an humanoid Neuroi. Miyafuji is puzzled by the behavior of this different enemy. In addition, the latest military weapons will appear!? A newly written Micchan original chapter is also added! The third popular novelization!

Otomome no Maki 4: The secret training of Sanya and Eila. While going shopping in the near-by city, Hartmann made a big success in a swimsuit(?). There is also a collection of original stories that were not in the anime! The 4th popular novel that connects the first and second season of the anime!


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