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Strike Witches: The Witches of Africa - Kei's Report (ストライクウィッチーズ アフリカの魔女 ケイズ・リポート, Sutoraiku Witchīzu: Africa no Majo・Keizu Ripōto) is a light novel series written by Takaaki Suzuki, who was part of the anime staff (Projekt Kagonish), and illustrated by Takeshi Nogami. The novels were later released in Kindle digital books as well.

Most of the contents of the first volume are similar to that from Der Stern von Afrika through Phoenix in the Dunes light novels, although there is exclusive content in between. The illustrations have however been redrawn. The other two volumes contain entirely new stories.


Volume 1: Africa, a burning land. One of the forefront of mankind's defense against an unknown enemy, the Neuroi. Katou Keiko, a war correspondent of the Fuso Empire, visited this area to cover a Witch. That Witch is a super ace called "The Star of Africa" "Yellow 14", Hanna-Justina Marseille. Set on a scorching earth, a new story begins now. The long-awaited spin-off of the "Strike Witches" anime has started!

Volume 2: Malta, the hub of Mediterranean transport, was in a critical situation with the increasing activity of Neuroi throughout North Africa! If supplies cannot be delivered within 30 days, Malta will fall, and Tobruk, which is the cornerstone of the human defense, will also be compromised, so a request for dispatch was sent to Kei's Joint Fighter Squadron. In order to save Africa, Marseille and Witches from all over the world fly in the sky. Many new witches have appeared, and the second long-awaited spin-off has come!

Volume 3: The possibility that Neuroi are crossing the desert emerge and a large-scale reconnaissance operation is deployed. From the information received one after another, Kei notices a new evolution of the Neuroi. When the sky of Africa is stained by the war, Marseille shines the brightest ever!