Strike Witches Gakuen

Audio drama that came with the first DS game.

Members of the 501st JFW at school.


Track 01

Lynne: Yoshika, Yoshika, wake up! Wake up!

Yoshika: I'm still tired...

Lynne: Yoshika, we'll be late for class! Please wake up!

Yoshika: Class?

Lynne: Yes, don't you remember? Ms Minna just recently warned us that if we're late for class again, we'll have to run 30 laps around the school!

Yoshika: That's not good!

Lynne: Uwah!

Yoshika: Where am I?

Lynne: This is our room?

Yoshika: Our?

Lynne: Yes, we're roommates, aren't we?

Yoshika: We are?

Lynne: Come on... we've shared this room ever since we first came to this school.

Yoshika: Right... you're my classmate and my roommate... right?

Lynne: Yoshika... are you still sleeping? Come on, let's hurry to the classroom, or we'll really end up late.

Yoshika: Oh, you're right. We'll be late! I'm sorry, Lynne!

Lynne: No problem, we'll be fine if you go up now. Come on, hurry up and change so that we can go to class.

Yoshika: Yes, right.

Yoshika: This is the Strike Witches Academy. Great witches from all over the world gather here to learn how to use magic. My name is Miyafuji Yoshika. My senior, Sakamoto Mio, recognized my potential in witchcraft and helped me transfer from our homeland to this Strike Witches Academy, which is situated in Europe.

Lynne: Yoshika, are you prepared for today's class? Have you done your homework?

Yoshika: Yes, I have.

Yoshika: This girl's name is Lynette Bishop. ”Lynne”. She's my roommate and classmate. She is very reliable, and she's a dear friend of mine.

*bell rings*

Lynne: Oh, that's the first bell... Yoshika, we better run or we'll be late!

Yoshika: I'm sorry, Lynne.

Lynne: Don't worry, let's run!

Yoshika: Yeah!

Yoshika: The Strike Witches Academy is a huge building on an island. In it, there are classrooms, a gym and a library. There is also a dormitory where we live.

Yoshika: This school sure is big!

Lynne: Yes, it's almost like a small town!

Yoshika: It's that big!?

Lynne: Yes, but I think we will make it in time if we keep this pace up.

Yoshika: Really? That's good...

Lynne: Yoshika, look out! Look ahead of you, ahead!

Yoshika: Eh, what's wrong!? Uwah!

Mio: What are you doing?

Yoshika: Ah, I'm sorry! Oh, Sakamoto, good morning!

Mio: Good morning, Miyafuji. You seem energetic as usual...

Yoshika: Ehehe...

Yoshika: Sakamoto is president of the student council, and everyone looks up to her. She has asked me not to think of her not as a senior, but as a friend. I wonder if it really is okay for me to do that...

Mio: I understand that you're almost late for class, but you still shouldn't run in the hallways.

Yoshika: Yes...

Lynne: Sakamoto, it's not Yoshika's fault. I didn't wake her up in time, so we had to run to make it in time... So if you're going to scold someone for this, you should scold me!

Yoshika: That's not right, Lynne! It was my fault for not waking up in time! Please don't scold her!

Mio: Miyafuji, Lynne!

Yoshika / Lynne: Y-yes!

Mio: I think it's really beautiful how you're trying to protect the other and take the blame yourselves. It's proof of great friendship. But it is still a fact that you both broke the rules. Don't you agree?

Yoshika / Lynne: Yes...

Mio: Well, it seems like both of you are feeling sorry for it, so I won't say anything more about this. However, I urge you to be more careful in the future.

Lynne: Understood.

Mio: Oh, Miyafuji, your tie is crooked. Here, let me fix it.

Yoshika: N-no, that's fine! I can do it myself!

Mio: I insist. The Fuso Nadeshiko must always look neat.

Yoshika: Yes...

Mio: That's better! Be more careful from now on, okay?

Yoshika: Thank you very much, Sakamoto.

Mio: Oh, it's this late already. I have to go now, no more running in the hallway, okay?

Yoshika: Yes, we won't!

Lynne: Okay, no more running!

Mio: That's good. Well, see you later.

Yoshika: Sakamoto is really a wonderful person, don't you agree?

Lynne: I'm sorry... That was my fault, I said we should run...

Yoshika: Oh, no, it's not your fault. It wouldn't have happened if I hadn't overslept.

Lynne: Anyway, you know Sakamoto? It seemed like you knew each other pretty well back there...

Yoshika: Yes, Sakamoto is the one who scouted me and made it possible for me to study here.

Lynne: Oh I see! That's amazing!

Yoshika: It is?

Lynne: Sure it is! After all, it means your potential was recognized by Sakamoto, who is a top-class student of this school! That's really amazing!

Francesca: Morning! You look like you're in a good mood today!

Erica: Hey, we could here you two talking even in here, in the classroom.

Yoshika: Hartmann, Lucchini!

Sanya: Yoshika... Lynne... Good morning.

Lynne: Good morning, Sanya!

Sanya: Good morning...

Yoshika: Good morning, Sanya. Why are you yawning?

Erica: Sanya took night classes yesterday.

Lynne: Night classes? Seems rough. But doesn't that mean you don't have to take morning classes?

Sanya: I'm fine...

Francesca: That's not what I would call ”fine”. Come on, Sanya, wake up! Ms Minna is coming!

Yoshika: Minna is the teacher!?

Erica: Hmm? Is there something strange about Minna being the teacher?

Yoshika: But! Minna is...

Francesca: There's nothing strange about that, is it? Anyway, Sanya, time to wake up!

Yoshika: R-right... It's not strange. Not at all. Seems like I'm a bit off today.

Erica: Well, if you don't feel well, you should probably go rest.

Yoshika: No, I'm fine. I would feel bad for the people at home who waved me off if I skip classes for something small like this.

Erica: Really? Well, if you say so...

Yoshika: Thank you, Hartmann.

Francesca: Sanya~ Wake up~.

Minna: Come on everyone, take you seats. I'll take attendance now.

Sanya: Yes, Ms Minna.

Francesca: Oh, she woke up.

Minna: Alright, well, let's start class then.

Perrine: Wait a minute here! Who does she think she is!? I can't believe she's acting that friendly with Sakamoto...

Track 02

Minna: Okay, the morning classes are over. Be sure to not be late for the classes in the afternoon either, okay?

Everyone: Yes, Ms Minna.

Yoshika: Phew! The morning classes are finally over! I'm so hungry! Let's go to the cafeteria.

Lynne: Oh, Yoshika...

Perrine: Is Miyafuji present?

Francesca: Oh, stuck-up four eyes! What are you doing here?

Perrine: Lucchini... You shouldn't address your seniors in such casual manner.

Francesca: Okay, Miss Stuck-up four eyes!

Perrine: Arrgh... Noblesse oblige, noblesse oblige... Anyway, Miyafuji?

Yoshika: Yes?

Perrine: There's something I'd like to talk to you about. Could you lend me some of your time?

Yoshika: Okay...

Lynne: Yoshika...

Yoshika: It's okay. It'll probably be quick so why don't you go ahead without me and grab a seat?

Lynne: Yeah, okay.

Perrine: This place will be fine.

Yoshika: What was it you wanted to talk to me about, Perrine?

Perrine: What it was!? I'll tell you what! Miyafuji, what kind of relationship do you have to Sakamoto? Be honest!

Yoshika: My relationship to Sakamoto?

Perrine: Yes! Sakamoto is someone everyone around here respect and looks up to. I can't believe a freshman like you, who on top of it all just got transferred here, is allowed to talk with her in such a lighthearted way! You must be related to her in some way, family, perhaps? But your surnames are different, so that can't be right. Perhaps you're old friends? I wouldn't mind that, but... perhaps you've threatened her in some illegal way and even... and even... If that's the case, then what should I do!?

Yoshika: Umm...

Perrine: Sakamoto... Sakamoto... is someone I really look up to. She's like the sun to me! And the sun must always shine! If it becomes cloudy, I will feel cloudy as well... And if it starts to rain... Ooh! Such tragedy! Such tragedy! What should I do then... What should I do...?

Yoshika: Umm...

Perrine: Anyway, Miyafuji. What kind of relation do you have to Sakamoto? Tell me the truth honestly, and so that it is easy to understand! Understood?

Yoshika: Okay... Let me explain.

Perrine: O-oh, really? You were scouted by Sakamoto in Fuso?

Yoshika: Yes.

Perrine: Oh, I see... I understand. Okay, I'll believe you. Sorry for bothering you.

Yoshika: No problem.

Perrine: I see, she's a rival...

Yoshika: Rival?

Perrine: Ah, no... Right, I mean, in this magic school, all witches are rivals! Let us both do our best here!

Yoshika: Yes, Perrine. Thank you very much!

Lynne: So that's what happened...

Yoshika: Sakamoto sure is popular...

Lynne: Yes, everyone looks up to her.

Mio: ”Everyone looks up to her” you say? That's a little embarrassing to hear.

Lynne: Sakamoto!

Shirley: So this girl is Miyafuji?

Trude: I can't feel anything special about her magic power... it's the same as all the other freshmen's.

Mio: You just wait. I'll prove to you my judgment in this matter is right.

Trude: I'm looking forward to it.

Lynne: Shirley, and Barkhorn!

Shirley: Hey Lynne.

Lynne: Shirley... you know my name?

Shirley: Right, we've heard you've got good grades in ? (Long distance something?) class, so we've been talking about you.

Lynne: Oh no, I still have a long way to go...

Barkhorn: You don't have to be so modest. You should accept the truth as it is.

Lynne: Y-yes!

Yoshika: What did you want Sakamoto?

Mio: Ah, since I just saw you here I thought I might as well introduce you to these two.

Yoshika: I'm Miyafuji Yoshika. I came here from Fuso.

Lynne: I'm Lynette Bishop. I'm from Britannia.

Shirley: Ah, I see. I'm Charlotte E Yeager. From Liberion. I hope we'll get along.

Trude: I'm Gertrud Barkhorn. I'm from Karlsland.

Mio: Perhaps I should introduce myself as well? I'm Sakamoto Mio and I'm from Fuso. Shirley and Barkhorn are part of student council, just like me. Barkhorn is vice president. Shirley is secretary.

Yoshika: Shirley, Barkhorn, I hope we'll get along!

Mio: Ah, and there is something I'd like to talk to you about, Miyafuji.

Yoshika: Yes, what?

Trude: Let me explain. We usually have a culture festival in the autumn in this school. We in the student council have decided to put up a play this year. The play we're planning on performing is ”Romeo and Juliet”.

Shirley: Well, sure, it's a very common choice, but...

Yoshika: I see...

Trude: We let the students vote for who will play Romeo, and student council president Sakamoto was elected, but for the role as Juliet, the president nominated you, Miyafuji.

Yoshika: What!

Lynne: Yoshika will play Juliet?

Mio: I thought it should be fine to decide it like that, but Barkhorn and Shirley seemed to have some objections to that so... That's why I decided to at least introduce you to them first.

Yoshika: But Sakamoto, I've never done any acting before, and I'm a first-year student, so I don't think it's so strange for Barkhorn and Shirley to object to that...

Mio: Ha ha ha... Don't worry, Miyafuji. I've never done any acting before either!

Yoshika: That's not really the problem here!

Trude: President, you said she had basically agreed already, but that doesn't seem to be case here...

Mio: Don't worry. If I tell her to do it, she will. Right, Miyafuji?

Yoshika: Sakamoto, I'm not so confident...

Shirley: Hmm, well, this isn't good... Are you sure Miyafuji will be alright, President?

Mio: Sure Shirley, it won't be a problem.

Shirley: But we're not convinced, and it doesn't seem like Miyafuji is either. Right?

Mio: Well, yes...

Shirley: Well, how about this then? The student council can hold an audition. And we can have Miyafuji turn up for this audition as well. If everything goes well there, I think we all can agree.

Mio: I see, an audition. Okay, let's do it.

Shirley: Good. We better put up announcements about this in the school.

Trude: Really... You two seem to really enjoy giving to student council more work.

Shirley: Well, as long as it's fun, it's all good, no?

Trude: Typical Liberians... What a bother.

Shirley: Miyafuji.

Yoshika: Y-yes?

Shirley: Well, that's how it is, so it might be a bit sudden, but please make sure to practice before the audition, okay?

Mio: I'm sure it will be fine. I'm confident Miyafuji can make everyone agree this choice is a good one.

Yoshika: She trusts me... What should I do?

Yoshika: Okay, I understand. But could you please give me some time to think this through before the audition?

Mio: Miyafuji...

Lynne: Yoshika...

Yoshika: I'm sorry, I understand you have faith in me, and it makes me very happy, but I'd like to decide whether or not to take part of this on my own.

Mio: Okay. I expect a good answer.

Yoshika: Thank you, Sakamoto.

Track 03

Minna: That's all for today's lessons. Don't forget to prepare for tomorrow's lessons and review what we've gone through today.

Everyone: Yes, Ms Minna!

Francesca: Why are you sighing, Yoshika? ”Luck will flee under enemy fire” as they say!

Erica: I think you mean ”(If you sigh), happiness will slip out”.

Francesca: Ahaha, yeah, that's another way to put it.

Lynne: Yoshika, are you thinking about what we talked about earlier? About the audition?

Yoshika: I'm glad Sakamoto trusts me so much, but when I think it through, I start wondering if it really will be okay with someone like me?

Lynne(thinking): Yoshika... She really seems troubled by this... I wonder if there's anything I can do...

Lynne: Oh, yes! Yoshika, let's go shopping!

Yoshika: Shopping?

Lynne: Yes, when there's something that troubles you, the best thing to do is to stop thinking about it for a while and go buy something for fun!

Francesca: Shopping! I want to go to!

Erica: Sounds fun! I'll join in!

Sanya: Me too.

Yoshika: Thanks, Lynne. Let's all go!

Yoshika: Ever since I came here, I've just been going between the dormitory and school so I had no idea there were this many shops here on this island.

Sanya: There are a lot of shops...

Erica: Yeah, it was just a bunch of shops that were here for the sake of the students and the other personnel at the school at first, but they say that after a while it had suddenly turned into a small town.

Yoshika: Wow, that's great! I'd love to show it to my mother back home in Fuso.

Francesca: Yoshika~, this here is pretty good!

Yoshika: Lucchini, you're eating something already?

Lynne: Lucchini knows a lot about the shops around here, especially about the shops that sell candy.

Francesca: Ehehe, yeah, but I always use up the allowance I get every month too fast!

Erica: You'll get fat if you eat that much.

Francesca: It's okay! I do exercise to make up for it! Sanya, have some.

Sanya: Ah, thanks! ... Mm, it's good.

Francesca: Yes, it's the best cake around here!

Yoshika: Lynne, Hartmann, let's have some as well.

Lynne: Let's do.

Erica: Me too!

Yoshika: I'm full! I ate three whole cakes!

Lynne: I think I had two...

Francesca: Yoshika, that's nothing. I think I had five.

Erica: You had too many!

Sanya: I had one...

Lynne: Well, you ate quite slowly.

Eila: Sanya! So this is where you were!

Sanya: Eila!

Yoshika: Sanya, who is she?

Sanya: Eila. My roommate.

Eila: I'm Eila Ilmatar Juutilainen. Sanya's roommate.

Yoshika: You're out shopping too?

Eila: Ah, yeah. I heard there's a shop here that just recently started selling a new set of tarot cards.

Sanya: Eila, so how were them?

Eila: Well, they were a little different from the ones I wanted. I'll go take another look if they get any new soon.

Francesca: Tarot cards? You can do fortune-telling, Eila?

Eila: Well, yeah, but just a little.

Francesca: Do some on me! Do some on me!

Lynne: Lucchini, you just met...

Eila: Sure, no problem. After all, I've heard you're a friend of Sanya's, so...

Francesca: Yay!

Erica: Let's go to a little quieter place then. How about the park nearby?

Yoshika: Wow, the view here is great!

Erica: Yeah, after all, this place is famous for ???

Eila: Yes, I think I can do fortune-telling in peace here.

Francesca: Me first! Me first!

Eila: Yes yes, calm down, I will do you first.


Francesca: What does it say? What does it say?

Eila: Hmm... It says ”Sleeping in high places might lead to accidents”.

Francesca: Eh!? Really?

Yoshika: Lucchini, what's wrong?

Francesca: Well, see... I can't sleep well unless I'm in a tree. Isn't it like that for you?

Yoshika: No, not at all! It's not like that for you either, right, Lynne?

Lynne: No...

Erica: It's pretty well-known Lucchini doesn't sleep in beds, but in trees, you know? Lucchini's roommate Shirley always complains about that...

Eila: The cards say ”You better stop before something bad happens to you”.

Francesca: Noo! How am I going to sleep now?

Eila: Well, it's just what the cards say... In the end, it's up to you to decide whether you believe it or not.

Francesca: Ah, then I'll keep sleeping in trees!

Eila: Hehe...

Yoshika: Um, Eila?

Eila: Yes?

Yoshika: Could you do some fortune-telling on me too? I'm wondering if I should participate in the student council's play or not.

Eila: Hmm...

Yoshika: Something wrong?

Eila: Is that really something you should decide with fortune-telling?

Yoshika: That's...

Eila: Fortune-telling is simply showing you one of many possible futures. It's not something you should base your decisions for the future on. For example, if it said ”Don't do it”, are you sure you wouldn't? I could do it if you want, but I really think you should decide things like this on your own.

Yoshika: You're right... I'm sorry. I know I really should figure it out on my own, yet I tried to avoid responsibility and let the fortune-telling to decide for me.

Eila: Good good, as long as you understand.

Yoshika: Lynne...

Lynne: Yoshika, what is it?

Yoshika: I'll do it. When Sakamoto asked me, there was a part of me that really wanted to do it. But I felt uncertain, and wasn't able to decide. But... If I had the time to ponder on this, the time would have been better spent on actually practicing, right?

Francesca: Wow Yoshika, that was cool!

Lynne: Yoshika, I'll help you out!

Erica: Me too!

Francesca: And of course, me too!

Sanya: I can help as well.

Eila: W-wait! You're going to help her too? ...Then I will too!

Yoshika: Thanks... thanks, everyone! I'll do my best!

Track 04

Yoshika: Sakamoto!

Mio: Yes, Miyafuji?

Yoshika: Sakamoto... I'll go to the audition!

Mio: I see...!

Trude: Oh, you look a little different from the last time I saw you. Has something happened?

Yoshika: I think it's because I've been able to make up my mind thanks to my friends.

Mio: I see... Friends, huh?

Shirley: Ooh... Now that's youth!

Mio: Well then, I'm looking forward to the day of the audition then.

Yoshika: Yes!

Francesca: So, Yoshika. How are you planning on practicing?

Lynne: According to this book, you have to learn how to breath with your abdomen in order to be able to speak loudly.

Yoshika: Abdominal breathing?

Sanya: Normally you breath by flexing the ribcage, but abdominal breathing is a method of breathing where you use the diaphragm to breath in and out instead.

Francesca: What's that? Does it taste good?

Eila: It's not a kind of food!

Sanya: It says you can do things like push-ups, chin-ups or squats to practice

Francesca: Hmm? I thought exercise and acting had nothing to do with each other.

Erica: You think? After all, you have to use your body to be able to speak. I see nothing wrong in exercising it then.

Yoshika: Thanks for helping me out, everyone.

Erica: Don't mention it, Miyafuji. This is something we all wanted to do.

Francesca: Right! I bet the cake will taste even better now!

Sanya: Yes!

Lynne: Then let's all do our best!

Everyone: Yeah!

Yoshika: And so, we started practicing. As soon as class was over, we started practicing. We even practiced when we had days off. Perhaps we even got a little too enthusiastic, because Ms Minna wanted to talk to me one day...

Minna: I've heard about what you're up to lately. I won't say it's bad that you're being enthusiastic about practicing for a play, and I have no right to try to stop you from working hard to reach your goal. However, I don't approve of you sleeping in class.

Yoshika: Yes...

Minna: You came here to become a witch, correct? That's why you should spend your days here in this school to work towards that goal, don't you think?

Yoshika: Yes. I will try to remember that from now on.

Minna: Well, that's all I wanted to say as your teacher. Now I will speak as an individual. You will only live once. You should practice hard so that you won't leave any regrets behind. It might just be a school play right now, but in a few years, it might become an important merit. Well, I would still prefer if you didn't sleep during my class though. But you shouldn't lose heart and stop trying just because there is much to do right now. I'm sure it's difficult to both things at the same time, but please try. I'm sure you can do it.

Yoshika: Ms Minna...

Minna: Every minute and every second is important right now, right? You better go back to practice

Yoshika: Ms Minna, thank you very much! I'll do my best!

Minna: I'm looking forward to it!

Yoshika: I'll be going then!

Minna: Yes.

Mio: Ms Minna, I'd like to apologize as well.

Minna: Oh, so the student council president herself is here to apologize?

Mio: I was the one who brought Miyafuji into this, so...

Minna: But she wants to attend to the audition by her own free will. It is not something you should apologize for.

Mio: Really?

Minna: Yes, though you might be right about you being the one who started it all.

Mio: I understand. Thank you.

Minna: Oh, how obedient of you.

Mio: I'm always obedient!

Minna: Anyway, let's agree on that.

Francesca: Oh, Yoshika's back!

Lynne: Yoshika, everything alright?

Yoshika: Lynne, everyone, sorry to make you worry. She was a little angry, but it wasn't too serious.

Erica: Ms Minna sure is strict.

Yoshika: No, I don't think so. She didn't disapprove of me practicing for the play or anything.

Sanya: I see.

Francesca: Let's practice then!

Lynne: Yes, let's do!

Yoshika: Eh? What? Why is everyone sleeping in our room?

Lynne: It just turned out that way. We decided to practice here for the big day tomorrow, and then...

Yoshika: But Lynne, all we did was eat candy, talk and throw pillows. We didn't practice anything at all!

Lynne: Hehe, you're right.

Yoshika: Still, it was very fun!

Lynne: It was! You were smiling the whole time.

Yoshika: Thank you, Lynne. If it weren't for you...

Lynne: Yoshika, it's not just me. Hartmann, Sanya, Lucchini, everyone is cheering for you! So please do your best tomorrow!

Yoshika: I will! I'll make it through, I promise!

Lynne: Yes! It's a promise!

Yoshika: By the way...

Lynne: By the way?

Yoshika: The others are taking up my whole bed, I have nowhere to sleep...

Lynne: Do you want to sleep with me? My bed is big, there's room for us both.

Yoshika: Can I?

Lynne: Sure, if you want.

Yoshika: Yes, thanks! Good night, Lynne.

Lynne: Good night.

Track 05

Yoshika: And then, the day of the audition finally came.

Trude: Well then, I hereby propose we get started with the audition for the role as a main character in play that will be set up by the student council. The participants are freshman Miyafuji, sophomore Eila and sophomore Perrine. Is that correct?

Yoshika: Yes!

Eila: Yeah, right.

Perrine: Correct.

Yoshika: So you wanted to try out as well, Perrine.

Perrine: Yes, I'm the president of the drama club, so it's a given. It's not like I'm here just because you are! Please don't get any strange ideas!

Eila: Hey, you two, you shouldn't be whispering to each other when the audition is about to start.

Perrine: And why are you here? You've never been involved in acting before, have you?

Eila: What? You can't try out unless you've done acting before?

Perrine: Well, you can, but...

Eila: My roommate, Sanya, has been happily talking about how they've been practicing with Miyafuji.

Yoshika: She has?

Eila: Yeah, seeing her talk happily like that made me want to try this acting thing out myself, to see if it really is that much fun.

Perrine: I see... But I won't lose! I'll put my name as Perrine Clostermann, president of the drama club, on that!

Yoshika: I won't lose either!

Trude: Ehem! Perhaps you'll allow me to continue with my explanation?

Everyone: Sorry, Barkhorn.

Trude: If you think it's something to apologize for, you better just not whisper in the first place.

Everyone: Yes!

Shirley: Oh, there are three here for the audition? You sure are popular, President.

Mio: Hm, if there are three candidates, it's popular?

Shirley: Um, no... Well, if you don't get it, never mind. But... Miyafuji will have to do something out of the ordinary if she's up against the president of the drama club.

Mio: That will be up to her. An audition like this must be as fair as possible. I will not let my personal feelings talk.

Shirley: Ahaha... Understood, President.

Trude: Listen carefully! This audition will have two parts. We will try out your acting, and then we want you to introduce yourselves shortly. In the acting test, we want you to act from the script we've given you. Then we'd like you to tell us why you want to act in this play. You can say anything you want. Also, to avoid bias from the student council, we've invited Ms Minna to join us as well. She will help us decide, remember that.

Minna: I'm glad to be here.

Mio: Sorry to bother you.

Minna: Oh no, I want to see the fruits of Miyafuji's efforts as well, so...

Shirley: Okay, who wants to start?

Eila: Can I go first?

Trude: Eila? Sure. Okay, first talk about yourself, and then act from the script we gave you.

Eila: Okay, first an introduction... My name is Eila Ilmatar Juutilainen. I'm in my second year here. As I told Miyafuji and Perrine before, my roommate Sanya has been helping Miyafuji out with practicing for this. Actually, since she helped out, I did too, a little. Anyway, when Sanya got back to our room, she often told me about how they had been practicing, and she looked really happy. At first, I thought it was because she enjoyed spending time with her classmates, but then she said ”practicing acting is fun!”. So, I decided to try out because I want to know why Sanya thinks it's fun. I still don't really get it, but if I'm in the play, I'm sure I'll be able to understand!

Mio: I see, you want to know why acting is fun... I see...

Trude: Okay, that's all for the introduction. You can do the acting part now.

Eila: Okay, I'll start from the beginning of the script.

Yoshika: And so, Eila's performance started. The lines were quite difficult, but her acting was very natural, almost as if she had become another person.

Minna: Oh, she's quite skilled.

Perrine: Yes... she's good. I thought she would be like any other amateur, but... She's doing very well. I mustn't think it's over already.

Yoshika: Wow, Eila is great!

Mio: Yeah...

Eila: And that's it!

Shirley: Well done, Eila. Then, I guess the other second-year, Perrine, can be next.

Perrine: Very well.

Trude: Okay, start with introducing yourself.

Perrine: I am the president of the drama club. I believe our club has a duty to be involved in the plays put up in this school. That is the reason I am here for this audition. I believe I am suitable for playing the opposing role to the student council president Sakamoto. Please choose me!

Mio: I see, you're here because you feel you have a duty as president of the drama club.

Perrine: Well, yes, that's right.

Trude: Okay, that's all for the introduction. Please show us your acting now.

Perrine: Understood. Well then, watch carefully.

Yoshika: And so, Perrine's performance started. Even though I haven't been practicing for a long time, I could still understand there was a great difference between her and me. The pauses, the acting, the way she expressed herself, everything was done with the audience in consideration.

Minna: So this is how good a president of a drama club is... She's really good. Like a professional actress.

Shirley: I wouldn't say ”like a professional”... She's more like, really a professional.

Mio: Yeah...

Shirley: It's getting quite difficult to choose, right President?

Mio: Hey, Shirley, stop trying to make fun of me.

Shirley: Okay~.

Perrine: Will this be okay?

Shirley: Yeah, well done, Perrine. Okay, and last out is Miyafuji. Are you ready?

Yoshika: Y-yes!

Trude: Well then, start with introducing yourself.

Yoshika: Um, first Sakamoto asked me to do this, a-and I was a little interested in acting so I decided to apply. At first, it was just that. But after having practiced with everyone and having thought it through a little more, I realized I really wanted to act in a play. That passion is burning as strong in me as in anyone else!

Mio: I see, sorry for asking so much of you.

Yoshika: No, no, not at all. It turned into my own will in the end, so...

Mio: I'm glad you say that.

Yoshika: Yes!

Trude: Okay, that's enough for the introduction. Please move over the acting part now then.

Yoshika: Yes!

Yoshika: Now is the time to make use of all the practice I've done up till now.

Trude: Well then, I will now announce the results.

Everyone: Yes!

Trude: Umm...

Perrine: Hm?

Trude: What... President, are you sure about this?

Mio: Yes, it's right.

Eila: What's going on?

Trude: Um, well... Everyone has passed.

Minna: Oh my...

Perrine: All three?

Shirley: When we discussed it, we came to the conclusion that everyone did so well we couldn't just let one of you win.

Eila: So that's why all three passed? That's a surprise...

Mio: Yes well, we have to change the script a little, but I think we can get all of you in. So that's why all three of you passed.

Trude: Just why did we have an audition then?

Shirley: Come on, don't be so boring.

Perrine: Well, if Sakamoto is fine with that, I won't object...

Eila: As long as I passed, I'm happy.

Yoshika: Yes, I'm fine with it too.

Trude: Oh well... However, remember that it isn't easy to be in a play! You have to practice hard from now as to not disgrace the student council.

Everyone: Yes!

Lynne: Wow Yoshika, you passed! Hug!

Yoshika: Ah, Lynne, I can't breath when you hug me so tightly...

Lynne: Oh, it's okay. I'm so happy, I'll hug you more!

Yoshika: Lynne, can't... breath...!

Lynne: Yoshika, Yoshika!

Yoshika: Lynne, it's hurts when you hug me so tightly...!

Lynne: What? I'm not doing anything? Are you okay, Yoshika?

Yoshika: ...

Lynne: You're finally awake! We better hurry, or we'll be late for practice

Yoshika: Practice? For the play?

Lynne: What? No, the morning running practice Sakamoto told us about. We better hurry or we'll get yelled at.

Yoshika: Running?

Lynne: Yes, running. Oh, perhaps you're feeling ill? Should I go tell Sakamoto?

Yoshika: N-no, I'm fine! I'm fine now. Right. Practice Let's go, Lynne.

Lynne: Yes!

Yoshika: My name is Miyafuji Yoshika. I am a member of the 501st joint striker wing. Or at least I think so... I must have had a pretty weird dream there...

Lynne: Yoshika, hurry up!

Yoshika: Oh well.

Yoshika: Coming, Lynne!

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