Strike Witches STG!

Strike Witches STG Is a fan-made Shoot Em' Up game which takes you through the first season of the anime, fighting every Neuroi that was in the anime along with cannon fodder for you to rack up points.


Normal controls for a Shoot Em' Up, just with a few changes to better equip it to the Strike Witches franchise.

Up Down Left Right: Movement (NOTE: WSAD Does NOT work with this game)

Z: Shoot / Choose

X: Shield / Bomb attack

C: Pause (Warning: Works while your window is inactive)

V: Activate bonus counter

A: Speed up

S: Slow down

ESC: Closes window

Spacebar: Suicide (automatically takes you to the continue? screen)


There are 5 teams consisting of the main characters along with 2 teams that are not main characters.

Team A Consists of: Miyafuji Yoshika , Sakamoto Mio , Lynette Bishop

Team A

Team B

Team B Consists of: Gertrud Barkhorn , Erica Hartmann , Minna-Dietlinde Wilcke

Team C Consists of: Francesca Lucchini , Charlotte E. Yeager

Team C

Team D

Team D Consists of: Sakamoto Mio , Perrine H. Clostermann

Team E

Team E Consists of: Eila Ilmatar Juutilainen , Sanya V. Litvyak , Miyafuji Yoshika

Extra Team 1

Extra Team 2

Extra Team 1 Consists of: Miyafuji Yoshika , X-11

Extra Team 2 Consists of: The Warlock

Shield / Bomb Attacks

Team A: Large shield from Yoshika specifically for defense

Team B: Large beam extends into foes while still, While moving, creates a beam that follows your movements

Team C: First pick up Lucchini , then throw her at an enemy, Trail is a shield.

Team D: Large beam extends horizontally across the screen then extends, killing off most fodder in one hit.

Team E: Pick up Sanya to have her launch lock on rockets, Put her down to have her stay stationary and launch rockets diagonally

Extra Team 1: Place shield, shoots when you shoot

Extra Team 2: Like Team A but with a honeycomb design

Boss Fights

There are 7 stages with 1 boss Neuroi a stage (Normally):

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