The second season started airing on July 8, 2010. It takes place after the events in the first season and its manga sequel Kimi to Tsunagaru Sora.

The first episode was previewed at a live Strike Witches event. Takei Junko and the 504th JFW are featured in the second season, along with the 501th JFW. After the 504th is pushed out of Venezia by a new, powerful type of the Neuroi, the 501st is reactivated and sent to reinforce them.


  1. "Into The Sky Once More"
  2. "The Legendary Witches"
  3. "What We Can Do Together"
  4. "Harder, Faster, Greater"
  5. "My Romagna"
  6. "Higher Then The Sky"
  7. "It's All Creepy Crawly"
  8. "Please Grant Me Wings"
  9. "The Bridge To Tomorrow"
  10. "500 Overs"
  11. "To Be Myself"
  12. "Beyond The Skies To Eternity"


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Ending Theme:

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Over Sky album was released on Oct. 20.

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