Strike Witches the Movie: The sky I want to return to (ストライクウィッチーズ 劇場版 還りたい空, Sutoraiku Witchīzu gekijōban kaeritai sora) is a light novel series written by Nanbou Hidehisa that was serialized in The Sneaker magazine in April 2012. The novel was later released in Kindle digital book as well.

Gallia and Romagna are saved from the threat of the Neuroi. Yoshika Miyafuji lost her magical power in the battle, returned to her hometown in Fuso, and has been studying hard to become a doctor. Shizuka Hattori, one of her cadets in the Imperial Fuso Navy, then arrives to deliver a message: Yoshika is to be transferred for study abroad in Europe. Yoshika departed from Yokosuka with Shizuka to study cutting-edge medicine, but in Europe, the Neuroi start to make moves again. The novel version of the famous movie is finally released!!


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