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Suwa Amaki (諏訪天姫) is a Witch of the 504th Joint Fighter Wing, originating from Fuso and attached with the Fuso Imperial Army. The little sister of Suwa Masuzu and older sister of Suwa Goshiki.


Amaki performed tests for new models of Striker Units while she received officer training in the Fuso Imperial Army Flight Evaluation Bureau-affiliated Fussa Academy. However, with the completion of the test-machine Ki-61-II Kai and the change in the state of the war in Europe, she was appointed a Pilot Officer and assigned to the 47th Independent Air Squadron, which is a unit specially compiled for the purpose of dispatching new model of Strikers to Europe.

Because she often needs to go back and forth between Fuso and Europe, Amaki's had scarce chances to accumulate battle experiences. Consequentially, her combat skills are not that high.

She was assigned to the 504th Joint Fighter Wing along with Flight Lieutenant Takei and Nakajima Nishiki. As she had returned to Fuso to test a new model of engine obtained from Karlsland, Amaki was absent during Operation Trajanus. During this time, she delivered a letter from Dr. Miyafuji to his daughter Miyafuji Yoshika. Afterwards, she was reinstated to the 504th JFW when Takei called her back.


Earnest and straightforward, she is single-minded but also has a side that is bland and that of a natural airhead. She also makes many blunders, such as tripping in places where there isn't anything. She yearns for the sky more than anyone else and also wishes to fly higher than anyone else.



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  • There is a high possibility that she is based on the "Army Type 3 Fighter Hien". The English translation for "hien" (飛燕) is flying swallow, and it is possible to interpret "suwarō" (スワロー, swallow) as a pivot word for Suwa (諏訪). From this, one can consider the Witches with Suwa as their surname as personified characters of the Type 3 Fighter-family.