Don't mess with Carla

Holy... Girl carries a jacketed Ma-Duce?!? and that big AA ammo-can?!? I'd say that beats Barkhorn's twin MG-42's for shear bad(you know what)-ery by a long shot... (Though not the quad 30mms or the 50mm of course...) --Makuhari Fan01 (talk) 01:57, January 5, 2014 (UTC)

Ammo Capacity to the max

Carla's M2 Browning not only has the watercooled jacket for her weapon; she also utalizes "tombstone" ammunition cans that hold 200 rounds and can weigh up to 89 pounds. To say that this is a lot of firepower is pretty much an understatement. --Briano The Liberator (talk) 11:06, May 28 2014 (UTC)

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