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Went through old threads, found this:

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I just went through the Himebana 2 booklet entry about Magic Radar. It's rather boring and filled with magical science, but the important thing is that Magic Radar is something that was developed like technology.

Before Magic Radar was developed, the only way to be an effective Night Witch was to possess night vision. Naturally, this isn't the most efficient or effective way to perform at night, so many countries rushed to develop a way to probe the darkness.

I believe the first breakthroughs were made in Fuso by a couple guys named Yagi and Uda (family names). Three radar types were mentioned: the Yagi-Uda Type from Fuso ([1]), Lichtenstein Type from Karlsland ([2]), and Air Intercept (AI) Type from Britannia ([3]). It was probably pointed out by some reference chart for the first season, but Sanya uses the Lichtenstein Type radar.

If anyone is actually interested in doing a full translation, I have the entry transcribed in a Word document for easy access to online dictionaries.

If you still have those Japanese originals, I would be willing to translate them. Just let me know whenever you can send them to me or make them available here. --Libra00 (talk) 05:59, July 30, 2012 (UTC)
Could somebody also translate the stuff about magical science as well? It sound really interesting and could help explain more about the magic power of Witches. Jungi (talk) 06:41, July 30, 2012 (UTC)

Someone should edit that into the radar description or so... Nipa's Weasel (Talk) 00:45, April 9, 2011 (UTC)

The  Link regaurding the Himebaga Booklett seems to be broken or dead, as re the other links. Someone might what to get these fixed so every will be able to look into the Magical Science of Magic Radar and possibly see if we can get a translation done for the article. User:Briano_The_Liberator  (Talk ) 11:57,  May 7 2014

Magic Radar Information

Himebaba page of Sanya's magical radar will be provided in the talk for referance. If anyone is able to provide translations on what information it may have regaurding Magical radar it might provide extra information of functionality of the ability, assuming of course the scan posseses any such information. User:Briano_The_Liberator  (Talk ) 20:37, September 27 2015


Himebaba of Sanya and magic Radar

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