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Nambu error

In the References section regarding the Nambu Type 14, the article notes: "However, the pistol was notoriously prone to malfunction and it's is [sic] considered risky practice to even fire one, as they have been known to explode in the user's hand."

The author has the wrong Nambu here.  The unsafe one was the unrelated Type 94 (not actually General Nambu's design, though it was made by his company), which was dangerous junk produced late in the war.  Even the late-war Type 14s, though their manufacturing finish is considerably scruffier than prewar examples, are mechanically safe if in good condition and operated properly. Zgryphon (talk) 03:05, November 23, 2015 (UTC)

Zara's guns


While the Italian ships are beautifully reconstructed, there is a mistake in the depiction of the Zara's 203 mm guns. The two guns of each turret are wrongly depicted as being independent from one other, and being able to elevate independently; in reality, the two guns were sleeved together, arrangement that proved to be troublesome and which reduced their accuracy, and could only elevate together.

Italianfan88 (talk) 09:35, December 2, 2015 (UTC)