Citation Needed Regaurding Wilmas's Liking Older Men

Is their any way to cite sources in the entry on Wilma's wiki page saying she likes older men? In her World Witches Articale Biography it says nothing in regaurds to this alleged source of information, rendering this paticular aspect of the wiki entry on her to be rendered highly suspect and of questionable authenticity. Also in the one Winged Witches and The Sky That Connects Us Manga there isn't any refreance to any sort of hetrosexual attractions for any sort of personal informaton on that level about her and in the prior mentioned One Winged Witches she her actions while asleep in Amelie's bed seems to at this point discredit this information or at the least indicates she is of bisexual orientation if not Lesbian. Given the questionalble autehticity and inability to confirm this due to the lack of additonal sources in her wiki page to provide accurate information for her charicter; sources regaurding this information must be found and cited or otherwise this paticular information is to be seen and treated as non-cannon information and to be removed after an aloted amount of time is spent confiming and siting the source of this information given the information currently given and any appearances she has made in offical cannon or offically endorsed material that is endorsed as cannon to indicate wither this paticular aspect is accurate or not. --Briano The Liberator (talk) 20:02 March 24 2015 (UTC).

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