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This template is used to create infoboxes for articles about witches. If you have improvement ideas for this template, please make a forum thread or contact a staff user.

To use this template, simply copy and paste the model below. Another easy way to apply this template is via the insert button on the visual editor or with the preload template option in the classic editor.

Tip: If information is unavailable, simply leave the parameter empty instead of removing it, that way it will be easier to add that info once it becomes available.


|team = 
|striker unit(s)=

Usage & preview

Type in this:

|title1=Heidemarie W. Schnaufer
|image1=Heidimarie w schnaufer drawn by shimada fumikane.png 
|age=15 (end of 1944)<br>16 (1945)
|birth_date= 16  February 1929
|height=158 cm
|affiliation(s)=Karlsland Air Force; [[Wikipedia:Nachtjagdgeschwader_1|NJG1]], 4th Flying Corps; 
|team = [[501st Joint Fighter Wing]] (unofficially, temporarily)
|rank=Squadron Leader (1945); formerly Flight Lieutenant
|striker unit(s)=[[Wikipedia:Bf_110|Bf 110 G-4]]
|weapon(s)=[[Wikipedia:MG_42|MG 42]], [[Wikipedia:MG_151_cannon|MG 151/20]], and [[Wikipedia:Mauser_MG_213|Mauser MG 213]]
|seiyuu_(japanese)=[[Wikipedia:Kana_Ueda|Ueda Kana]]
|appearances=[[Strike Witches Movie]]

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