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Himegoe Voice Albums

These six character voice CDs came bundled with the limited edition DVDs of the 2008 TV anime as bonus discs. They contain little interviews with the characters as well as stock phrases that can be used as computer sounds.

Volume 1: translated by >>36566469 and Selkirk

Volume 2: translated by >>36566469

Volume 3: translated by >>36566469

Volume 4: translated by >>36566469

Volume 5: translated by >>36566469

Volume 6: translated by >>36566469

last updated 2010-07-06

Himegoe CD 2 Voice Albums

Volume 1: translated by >>45692177

Volume 2: raw

Volume 3: raw

Volume 4: raw

Volume 5: raw

Volume 6: raw

last updated 2012-12-25

Hime Uta Song Albums

CD 1: translated by >>39550412

CD 2: translated by >>36566469

CD 3: translated by >>40220282

CD 4: translated

CD 5: translated by >>40392152

last updated 2010-09-18

Hime Uta Movie Song Albums

CD 1: raw

CD 2: raw

CD 3: upcoming

CD 4: upcoming

CD 5: upcoming

last updated 2013-07-07

Himebana Drama Albums

A series of audio drama CDs.

CD 1: translated

CD 2: translated

CD 3: translated

Notes: One track from the first disc is only present as a summary, as the translator considered it not worth translating.

last updated 2010-06-20

Himeroku Drama Albums

A two-part special drama CD released via Nyantype magazine.

CD 1: translated by >>41707614

CD 2:raw.

last updated 2010-11-21

Suomus Misfits novels

Volume 1 - Suomus Misfits Squadron Moving Up

A partial translation by Selkirk is on baka-tsuki, translation completed by Britfag.

  • Prologue translated by Selkirk
  • Chapter 1 - Shou-i Anabuki Tomoko translated by Selkirk
  • Chapter 2 - Suomus, Northern Europe translated by Selkirk
  • Chapter 3 - Training in the Azure Sky translated by Selkirk
  • Chapter 4 - Tomoko's Depression translated by Selkirk
  • Chapter 5 - Neuroi Invasion translated by britfag
  • Chapter 6 - Ace translated by Selkirk and britfag
  • Chapter 7 - Showdown! Diomedia! translated by britfag
  • Epilogue translated by britfag

Volume 2 - Suomus Misfits Squadron in Love

Volume 3 - Clash in the Suomus Misfits Squadron

last updated 2013-08-05

Der Stern von Afrika novels

Der Stern von Afrika: translated by Selkirk

The Eagle and the Moon and the Sun: partly translated by Selkirk, rest raw

Owl Morn: raw

Before the Storm: English release

A Midnight Dream in the Desert: English release

Phoenix in the Dunes: English release

last updated 2010-08-16

Otome no Maki novels

Volume 1: raw

Otome no Maki - Volume 2

  • Illustrations
  • Prologue
  • Chapter 1 - Swift, Gigantic, and Soft – (A Midsummer Night's Ghost Story)
  • Chapter 2 - Solidarity – (Sanya's Chapter for Sanya, by Sanya)
  • Chapter 3 - Disappearing Lucchini – (the Pocket-Plugging Treasure)
  • Intermission 1 - Sleeping Beauty translated by A fox lost in the garden 
  • Chapter 4 - Special Operation Riceball! – (the Maiden's Waistline)
  • Chapter 5 - Memories of Fun Summer Days – (Barkhorn in Wonderland)
  • Intermission 2 - Sleeping Beauty Part 2 translated by A fox lost in the garden
  • Chapter 6 - Escape Route – (Low as the clouds, strong as the wind, high as the waves)
  • Intermission 3 - We Have Achieved Total Surprise! translated by A fox lost in the garden
  • Chapter 7 - Forget You Not – (A Red Dress and Lili Marleen)
  • Epilogue

Volume 3: raw

Volume 4: Chapter 4 translated, rest raw

last updated 2013-07-02

Humikane Twitter Stories

502nd Twitter short story

Part 1: translated by >>40486826
Part 2: translated by >>40486826
Part 3: translated by >>40498445
Part 4: translated by >>40498445
Part 5: translated by >>40535325
Part 6: translated by >>40565915
Part 7: translated by >>40638696

504th Twitter short story

Part 1: translated
Part 2: translated
Part 3: translated
Part 4: [[504th Twitter Story Japanese#Part 4|]]translated

Heidemarie Twitter short story

Part 1: translated

Hasse Twitter short story

Part 1: partly translated

Seiza Story

Part 1: translated

Tomoko Story

Part 1: raw

24th Squadron Story

Part 1: translated

Nishizawa Story

Part 1: translated

Kuroda Short Story

Part 1: translated
Part 2: translated
Part 3: translated
Part 4: raw
Part 5: raw

last updated 2017-05-08

Africa Doujinshi

Witch in Africa: English release

Tiger in Desert: English release

Witches of the Sphinx: English release

The Witch of Stuka. (English release. Extra story included in:The Witches of Africa Total Comic Collection.)

Katou Keiko North Africa Military Photos 1943(English release. A Katou Keiko photo 'collection' from the World Witches storyline.)

last updated 2010-11-03

Sengoku Witches

Sengoku Witches Honnoji no Maho: Doujinshi and short-story both translated.

Strike Witches: Sōkū no Otome-tachi manga

The first manga. Canceled, three chapters total.

Chapter 1-3: raw

last updated 2010-08-27

Strike Witches: Maidens in the Sky Manga

The second manga. Two volumes, eleven chapters total. This manga has been officially released in the US.

Chapter 1-4: translated by Nobinobi Scans

Chapter 5-6: typeset

Chapter 7-8: translated

Chapter 9-11: raw

last updated 2010-12-14

Strike Witches: The Sky That Connects Us Manga (NyanType)

Often referred to as "1.5 Manga". Finished, eight chapters total. This manga has been officially released in the US.

Chapter 1-8: translated 

last updated 2013

Strike Witches Zero:1937 Fuso Sea Incident Manga (NyanType)

Two volumes, thirteen chapters total (14 if you count the preview).

This manga has been officially released in the US.

Preview: raw

Chapter 1-4: translated by yuri project (dropped)

Chapter 5-13: scans of the US release available

last updated 2015.01.04

Strike Witches Zero:1939 Koukaku no majo Manga (NyanType)

Two chapters, put on hiatus for unknown reason and was never continued.

Prologue & Chapter 1: translated by IketaniRC

Noble Witches: The 506th Joint Fighter Wing Manga

3 volumes released, 17 chapters.

Chapter 1-17: translated by The Misfits Squadron

last updated 2019-12-24

Strike Witches: Kimi no Kizuna no Katachi Manga (Comp Ace)

Sometimes referred to as just "new Strike Witches manga" or "the Strike Witches manga by Urotan".

Canceled due to differences between Comp Ace and the artist; number of planned chapters unknown as of yet.

Chapter 1: typeset

One-Winged Witches Manga (Comp Ace)

Sometimes referred to as "That Wight manga with Wilma in it".

Two volumes, fourteen chapters total.

This manga has been officially released in the US.

Chapter 1-7: translated by /u/ scanlations

Chapter 8-14:  translated by yuri project

last updated 08.01.2014

Aurora no Majo Manga (NyanType)

Chapter 0-6: translated

Chapter 7-13: translated by The Misfits Squadron

Chinese translation for chapters 1-8 available

last updated 2017-01-12

Kurenai no Majotachi Manga

Three volumes, eighteen chapters total.

Chapter 1-6: translated by yuri project

Chapter 7-18: translated by The Misfits Squadron

Chinese translations for chapters 1-6 available .

Dai 501 Tougou Sentou Koukuudan Manga

Chapter 1: raw

last updated 17.9.2014

501 Butai Hasshinshinasu! Manga

Chapter 01-02: translated by Bocchi Scans

last updated 2020.05.09

Official Comics a là Carte

Ningen (005-018): typeset

Shinozuka Atsuto (019-026): raw

Kumicho (027-042): typeset

Agahari (043-052): typeset

Oka Shohei (053-060): raw

Wasu (061-068): raw

Ashigaoreta (069-080): raw

Nogami Takeshi (081-104): raw

Hasegawa Takemitsu (105-112): raw

Matsuda Miki (113-120): raw

Abyukyo (121-128): raw

Steed (129-144): raw

Tamagoruby (145-152): raw

Takanaga Kohei (153-160): raw

Waganawamasamichi (161-168): raw

Nihu Ziro (169-172): raw

last updated 2010-10-27

Official Comics a là Carte 2

Agahari (005-024): typeset

Kumicho (025-040): raw

Tachiki Yamato (041-044): raw

Shirahama Kouta (045-052): raw

Karasuyama (053-060): raw

Tachiki Yamato (061-064): raw

Murakawa Michio (065-078): raw

Yahiro Poti (081 - 090): raw

Touge Hiro (093-104): raw

Tachiki Yamato (105-108): raw

ABS17 (109-118): raw

Ashigaroreta (119-128): raw

Tachiki Yamato (129-132): raw

Kurou (133-140): raw

Tamagoruby (141-148): raw

Tachiki Yamato (149-156): raw

last updated 2011-03-18

Unknown Witches: Secret File (Firstspear Anthology Manga.)

Collection of short-stories and manga, some possibly canon, published by Firstspear, the group that released the Africa Doujinshi series.

Chapter 3, 4, 6, 7, 13, 14, 16 : translated by Trinity Translation Team last updated 29.12.2019

Starlight Stream radio skits

The opening and ending skits of the radio show, featuring Eila and Sanya. Finished, 52 episodes total.

01-06: translated by Anon1001

07-12: translated by >>36566469

13-24, NyanType Special, 25-28: translated by Anon1001

29-52: translated by >>39629596, >>40349041, >>40816339, >>41639828, >>42774549 and >>46864015

last updated 2011-03-15

501st JFW OA Radio Skits

01-69: raw

last updated 2020-05-09

Minnaga Irukara Dekirukoto Event Video


last updated 2010-09-16

Brave Witches Prequel: The Vast Land of Orussia

Entirely translated courtesy of a kind anon over on Helma. Vol.2 typeset by Bocchi Scans.

Chapter 1–12.5: Translated

last updated 2021-01-20

Strike Witches: Andorra no Majo

Chapter 1: Translated by /AK/ Scans

Chapter 2: Raw

last updated 2021-09-03

World Witches 2018

A dossier of witches spanning unit to unit written in the style of a history book.

It is currently being trialed as a translation project by The Misfits Squadron with a schedule of a witch per week.

Last updated: 2020-05-27

List of Media

Please see: Strike Witches