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About me

I am a 2nd Generation Canadian.

I am an origional story creative writer, Strike Witches fanfic writer (written as close to the style of the cannon source material as possible), airsofter, a former air cadet of 8 years, Hobbyist Military/War Historian, and an unarmed Security Guard of three years experience.

I am also a massive fan of Strike Witches and a Lore Chronicler of the Strike Witches Series. I have spent a great deal of lore chronicling and study of the Strike Witches series since it's release in 2007 and have researched, recorded and collected many of the official source materials in order to better understand the world that Strike Witches takes place in. All things relating to the witches themselves, the equipment, weapons and strikers they use, their in world history, nations, culture and events and the Neuroi are all aspects of the series I have studied closely in painstaking detail. In my journey as a Lore Chronicler I have also taken painstaking diligence tracked down and collected several official and semi-official Strike Witches works in order to find translators to translate information of the series to provide esoteric information the western fan base may not be aware of.

Some of my pastimes and hobbies include watching anime and war films, reading novels and manga/doujinshi, playing console and computer games, have played Table Top RPG's like Dungeons & Dragons and Star Wars, and Sabaton is one of my favorite music bands. I have attended the Vancouver Zombiewalk for 9 years consecutively and have participated in military cosplay at Anirevo in Vancouver for 5 years consecutively.

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