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Kon'nichiwa, I'm プレゼンス aka Der Presenz.

Welcome to my Profile page!

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I am a writer, and a Psychologist.

I'm a Japan2.gif Japanese girl, who loves to be under a kotatsu.
I play video games. I write short stories.
Sometimes I compose music.

I don't speak Japanese, nor any language at all, because I'm mute.

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Current status: ACTIVE USER

I play video games. I write short stories.

I'm a member of the circle LRF. In addition of being a psychologist, I also have studies in Philosophy, Mathematics, and Education.

I publish my stories on Shōsetsuka ni Narō (a.k.a. Syosetu), Kakuyomu, Pixiv, Everystar, Magical Land, Honeyfeed, AlphaPolis, MAGNET MACROLINK, Novel Up +, Wild Strawberries, Berry's Cafe, Waiting LN, Hameln,, LN street, NOVEL DAYS, Novelba, Novema, Stunning G, and Hatena Blog.

Der Presenz

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