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I've been a fan of Strike Witches for almost a decade now (since early 2011) and I love this franchise dearly! I was also a fan of Brave Witches to an extent as well, long before their anime adaptation. This series helped motivated me to learn anime drawing, 3D modeling, led to a certain infamous ranting Hitler video, and eventually resulted in the creation of a Discord Server for World Witches during a time when no other related servers had existed; this allowed me to meet many wonderful Witches fans over the years too!

If there are any questions or concerns about an edit I've made in the past then please feel free to message me about it! I'm always willing to help others, especially relaying to Witches content! Due to me being a very devoted fan, I plan to be around for many more years... so I hope this series, and its fandom, continues to grow more and more as well! ;3

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