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Yo, I'm Sastrugi. I like a lot of things and witches are one of them. Waltrud is my handsome baby girl, closely followed by the beautiful Rossmann-sensei~

Here's a very cool twitter post you should read before you get to know me.


I've noticed the grammar's off here and there so I'll slowly chip in when I can to help tidy it up. Also Humikane has said things about characters in tweets so it may be worth adding if appropriate in the trivia section. Anyway, lets get along~

"Sastrugi, or zastrugi, are sharp irregular grooves or ridges formed on a snow surface by wind erosion, saltation of snow particles, and deposition, and found in polar and open sites such as frozen lakes in cold temperate regions. The ridges are usually perpendicular to the prevailing winds; they are steep on the windward side and sloping to the leeward side.Smaller irregularities of this type are known as ripples (small, ~10 mm high) or wind ridges."

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