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Chapters from the six Otome no Maki novels will be translated sporadically when I feel like it. There will be a bias towards Eila and Sanya, and then to new material that isn't in the Anime. Feel free to leave comments or suggestions here.

For these, I will be preserving name suffixes (san/chan/etc). In the Misfits novels, it's all 少尉 this, and 中尉 that, so the odd extra suffix is just assimilated into inflection.

Note; the third Misfits novel is already under way, so don't worry about that.

  • Volume 2
Chapter 2: TBA (twice as long as the Misfits chapters).
Intermission 1: Novelisation of the opening to S1E7. All the things described can be seen in Eila's room throughout the episode (I wouldn't blame anyone for missing the statue, considering...)
Intermission 2: Don't just throw that card away! Your predictions are more accurate than you realise!
Intermission 3: Shirley's joke about 'sleeping together' can be interpreted both ways just like the English. If it's not clear enough that she's just teasing Sanya, let me know and I'll try to re-word it.