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Vallia Holter originating from Karlsland and affiliated with the Karlsland Air Force.


The second sister of three of the Holter family who founded the aircraft manufacturer Holter in 1943. They participated in a glider competition with her own aircraft and won for three consecutive years.

All of the sisters were qualified as Air Witches, and joined the military academy. The second daughter, Vallia, and the third daughter, Renate, went on to develop a striker unit with the recommendation of the commander of the unit.

They developed prototype units from HoI to HoIX. Among them, HoIX had a very advanced shape for its time, and it was thought that high-speed flight would be possible by installing a jet-type engine that was under development, but it could not be put to practical use due to the delay of the essential engine development. Some of these prototypes were left behind when Karlsland withdrew and they were confirmed to have been absorbed by Neuroi.



Strike Witches A complete record of 501st Joint Fighter Wing 6.