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The Duchy of Venezia (ヴェネツィア公国 ?) is the country north of Romagna in the Strike Witches universe. It is based on the Republic of Venice and stretches not only over the territory that Venice did control in the late 18th century, but also parts of Northern and Central Italy and the Balkans as well.

In 1944, parts of the country became occupied by the Neuroi, then the sudden appearance of the Super Hive in Spring '45 worsened the situation considerately, giving the scenario for Strike Witches Season 2.

Venezia is well known as the major naval power in the Mediterranean, dominating trade in the region and serving as a hub for merchant ships. The paragraph closes by mentioning that the 504th JFW fought a fighting retreat for the Venezian forces, ended up being nearly destroyed because of it, and that now the superhive covers the country.

Venezia bears a responsibility in the oversight of logistics to the African Fronts supply routes, which is considered invaluable to the efforts of the Africa Corps. This duty is shared alongside the efforts of supply by Romagna.

Venezian Military


  • The attempt to communicate with the Neuroi at the beginning of Season 2 was the plan devised by Venezia's military leadership, though the implication is that while Venezian Army and Navy officers managed to convince the rest of the chain of command to make such an ambitious and atypical attempt: the other members of the Venezian military were themselves skeptical of the operation's predicted potential for success. This admirable attempt ultimately proved for naught due to the destruction of the Neuroi hive by the superhive.

Venezian Witches

  1. Anna Ferrara (First Neuroi War)
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