Wendelin Schröer (ヴェンデリーン・シュレーア?) is a Witch attached with the Karlsland Air Force. She is a member of the Jagdgeschwader 27 (JG27) 8th Staffel.


An ace with the highest shot-down records in the North African front after Marseille. Despite her fewer number of sorties, Wendelin accomplished countless shot-downs that include even a Super Large-type Neuroi. This made her known as a "Big-shot Eater" (大物食い, oomonokui).

Also around that time, her partnership with Flying Officer Salas played a great role in the crushing of Large-type Neuroi after the Operation Sphinx. Despite being a Hispanian - who are known for their merriness - the strict and overly-serious Flying Officer Salas was a partner that Wendelin had a good compatibility with. Both being "(wo)men of few words", their conversations were extremely uninteresting, kept to only a minimum necessary number of words. Only at one instance, they had an endless, heated debate about eating habits.

In April 1943, she became a Flight Lieutenant and was transferred to the Sicilian district.


  • Her ace archetype is Werner Schröer.
  • Wendelin is indifferent about food, thinking that anything is fine so long it is eatable.


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