World Witches Series Wiki

World Witches: Contrail of Witches (ワールドウィッチーズ 魔女たちの航跡雲, wārudo wicchīzu: majotachi no kōseki kumo) is a manga series that was released in Newtype magazine from November 2016 to December 2017. It is also available in Kindle digital books.

The enemy of humanity, the Neuroi, faces the maidens who fly in the sky with a steel broom, the striker units. This World Witches manga depicts the activities of witches from all around the world.

This manga is focused on the following characters:

  • Chapter 1-2: Helma Lennartz
  • Chapter 3-4: Hanna-Ulrika Rudel
  • Chapter 5: Inufusa Yuno
  • Chapter 6: Constantia Cantacuzino
  • Chapter 7: Grete M. Gollob
  • Chapter 8-9: Nishizawa Yoshiko
  • Chapter 10: Adolfine Galland
  • Chapter 11-12: Helmina Johanna Siglinde Lent
  • Chapter 13-14: Johanna Wiese