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World Witches Take Off! (ワールドウィッチーズ発進しますっ!) is a 2021 slapstick anime featuring the 501st Joint Fighter Wing and 502nd Joint Fighter Wing during their everyday lives

This is a humoristic take on the series, based on the manga by Makoto Fujibayashi. In this version of events, the enemy of humanity, the Neuroi, never came. Witches from all other the world spend their day not fighting.


  1. Miyafuji, Are You Making a Movie?
  2. Hikari, You're Taking a Test?
  3. 501st, You're Paying Them Back?
  4. Introducing the 502nd?
  5. 501st, You're Seeing Through the Lies?
  6. 502nd, You're Joining the Team?
  7. 501st, Your Feelings Are Different?
  8. 502nd, You're Going for a Cold Swim?
  9. 501st, Plots Are in Motion?
  10. 502nd, You're Running Your First Errand?
  11. 501st, You're Going Back to that Sky?
  12. 502nd, Sister Aces are Taking Off?