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Here are some links to World Witches Series related resources

World Witches Series Official Site

Official SW Homepage

The Japanese Wiki

Strike Witches on Wikipedia

Notable Twitter Feeds

Humikane's Twitter - The original creator of the World Witches Series

Yamibun's Twitter - The military/reference advisor of the anime

Nogami's Twitter - That [Firstspear] guy

Noboru Yamaguchi's Twitter - The author of the Misfits novels

Takamaga Kouhei's Twitpic - Twitter guy

Kyogoku Shin's Twitpic - Illustrator of the 1.5 manga

Ningen's Twitpic - Illustrator of the Strike Witches Zero manga

Other Stuff

EWACS - Witch profiles can be found here

Humikane's Blog

A collection of SW related tweets from Humikane

Starlight Stream on Hibiki Radio

Starlight Stream Official Web Site

Fanbase Related Other Stuff

Superior Japanese Witch Chart

General Tag for Strike Witches on pixiv

Japanese Witch Generator

English Witch Generator

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