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Official Websites

World Witches Series

Strike Witches

Strike Witches 2

Strike Witches Movie

Strike Witches Operation Victory Arrow

Strike Witches Take Off

Strike Witches Road to Berlin

Brave Witches

Brave Witches Prequel

Luminous Witches

Noble Witches

Suomus Misfits Squadron ReBOOT

World Witches United Front

LNAF.OA radio show

Starlight Stream

World Witches Niconico channel

Other Websites

EWACS - Humikane Strike Witches blog, witches profiles can be found here

Humikane's Blog

A collection of old SW related tweets from Humikane

Firstspear Africa series website

Official Twitter Feeds

World Witches Twitter

Strike Witches Road to Berlin Twitter

Luminous Witches Twitter

World Witches United Front Twitter

Other Notable Twitter Feeds

Humikane's Twitter - The original creator of the World Witches Series

Yamibun's Twitter - The military/reference advisor of the anime

Nogami's Twitter - One of the author of the Africa series

Noboru Yamaguchi's Twitter - The author of the Misfits novels

Hukugouzaihibi's Twitter - The author of Hukugouzaihibi fc2 blog (SW news, releases, official art...)

Fanbase Related Other Stuff

The Japanese wiki

English Strike Witches Wikipedia page

Hukugouzainahibi's blog - Strike Witches news, releases, official arts, ect...

English witches sorter

English witch generator

Japanese witch generator

Interactive Japanese witches chart